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Thread: Right way to loop out?

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    Right way to loop out?

    This isn't a set up question so I'm not sure if this is the right place for this question but:

    Is there a better technique for looping out (tipping over backwards)? Last Saturday I went over for the third time in less than three years of being in the chair. All three times I've been on my ramp going into my house. It hurts!! After the first two times, I thought about it and decided the next time I would cup my head in my hands to help protect it from the cement. Well, I tried this and it didn't help as much as I thought it would and I ended up smashing my finger which hurt almost worse than my head!

    I'm pretty good at wheelies and can do most curbs okay and I'm outside a lot and anti tip bars are always in the way. It seems like looping out is just going to happen from time to time so I thought I'd ask if you experts have developed a better way to protect yourselves.



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    I need anti-tippers because of dysmetria in my arms, but before resigning myself to leaving them on, I considered wearing a skateboard helmet.
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    I grab the chair next to my knees and try to get bent forward, as far as possible. Lot of times I can stay in the chair like this, so someone can just tip me up.

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    • Best - like baldfatdad said, curl forward as soon as you think you are going over.
    • Second - tuck your chin into your chest.
    • If you can't move your head, try to twist so the impact is on the side of your head not the base of your skull.

    *disclaimer- this is not from my personal experience with a chair, it is from many years of jumping out of planes and dismounting moving vehicles*
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    Yeah, I was wondering if twisting was something to try. I wouldn't want to twist and then try to block my fall with my arm, rigtht? Or, is that possible?

    Baldfatdad - when you grab your chair and tuck your chin in, does your head still hit or are you able to keep it from smacking the ground?

    Has anyone ever practiced this in a rehab setting on mats?

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    I am very top heavy- natures gifts, obesity and atrophied lower body. I go up steep ramps backwards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baldfatdad View Post
    I grab the chair next to my knees and try to get bent forward, as far as possible. ...
    Good stuff! Chair and shoulders pretty much a roll cage. I'll try to remember that next time – and there will be a next time.

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    Is your axle too far forward? Can you move it back while still maintaining the ability to wheelie? I've gone over backwards a few times (usually while doing something stupid like reaching backwards for something rather than turning around), but it's not a regular feature.

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    Do you put your head down and lean forward when going up the ramp ... a 10lb head (give or take, lol) could make the difference between tipping arse over tea kettle or not.

    You're higher than me so not sure how possible it is to learn forward while pushign uphill.
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    The ramps are not too steep and I am usually fine going up them. This last time I stopped on the ramp, set the brakes, and reached behind me to grab something off of my tool box. Just wasn't thinking! The first time, right after I got home, I had a bad spasm just as I hit the ramp and it made me tip over. Then, the other time I was just goofing off and went off the side of it.

    I guess it's just complacency. Whenever I'm doing something new I'm very careful and take it slow or get someone to spot me. But, cruising around home, I'm distracted or just not paying attention.

    Thanks for all the ideas! I want to try and practice with a spotter on a thick mat. I know I will do it again and I don't want any more dain bramage!

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