Raisman and Carlstedt have proposed doing such studies in human brachial plexus avulsions. For example, see


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Thanks, Wise, my father and I were amazed you wrote such a referenced reply so quickly.

The abstracts were intriguing, but with such inconsistent results, I don't think I'll be trying olfactory ensheathing glia (OEG) procedures anytime soon.
But I have more quesions if you have time,
Do you have any ideas of when this might be done in humans? Is OEG an invasive operation or more like the needle being used in China? I'm assuming these animal studies are similar to Dr. Huang's work, but I'm not sure on what those similarities are exactly. Hypothetically, if I were to get the procedure done in china, how would cauda equina treatment(s) be different from a higher SCI?

Thanks Again!