But the real conundrum lies in the fact that even with irreversible SCI, if therapies existed ( which we all know they don't ), the SACRAL spinal cord damage would still be irreversible. No researcher is going to take the time to work on such a difficult part of the spinal cord, when the paralysis of the patient is soo low anyways. In the land of spinal cord research, our needs haven't even been addressed yet, and we are a near bottom priority, treated as whiners to SCI doctors, when compared to someone with a higher injury. Let it be known on this day that Sacral regeneration of spinal cord tissue is not going to happen within our lifetimes, and/or 20 to 25 years. Like me, if your sexual function, bowel, and bladder have been gone for some time, then they are gone for good and nothing's gonna bring 'em back! Even Dr. Young knows deep down that this need is in the basement on the priority list, and we deserve it for having the gaul to have an injury soo low.

sherman brayton