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I would recommend the following diagnostic tests that Dr. Aleksandar Beric (tel: 212-598-6294, fax: 212-598-6009) who is an expert on clinical neurophysiology of people with suprasacral and sacral spinal cord injuries at NYU Medical Center.
• lumbosacral somatosensory evoked potentials.
• electromyography of affected roots, to determine whether there are reflexes carried by the lumbosacral roots.
dr young..i keep writing fr wise,, sorry it fits! you may not always be young , however you always will be wise!
you may have answered what i have been thinking about for the last couple of weeks.
where can i go in NYC to find an expert on cauda equina injuries and everything it encompasses.
the physical therapy up here is not worth my time.

my left leg and foot atrophy is severe , however i know there are a couple muscles that are not denerved in there, i know i have the half arterial blood flow from the knee down compared to my good leg from the bone scan. that was last year and the atrophy and muscle wasting is much more severe now.. not sure if this AFO is making the problem worse, however it help so much with my walking i cant go without it. it also reduces the ankle trauma i get from constantly reverting the ankle, NYU is easy for me to get to , ortho AAFOS doc is there.
my bowels are a mess since i stopped the ultram, going every hour or 2 for a couple weeks now.
do you other lower level injuries have this atrophy ? atrophy pic

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