Dr Young, thanks again for your help. It helps to know exactly what my injury is. Another question, you say in your article that "Lower thoracic, conus, or cauda equina injuries often result in flaccid paralysis and muscle atrophy. Can it be reversed or prevented? Most of the atrophy that occurs is very likely to be due to non-use." Is there a way to tell whether the atrophy in my calves is due to non-use? I wear my AFO's when I'm out of bed and wonder if I should do that or if I could strengthen my calves by not using AFOs all the time (I'm starting to go to the pool again and I don't wear AFOs and can walk in the pool).

Kap - thanks for posting your scores. It was interesting to compare them with another T12/L1. Sure do hope you can resolve the problem with C7.


T12 Incomplete - Walking with Crutches, Injured in Oct 2003