anyone know who to contact in the federal govt or a higher Walgreens executive when the pharmacy that you are prescribed with under tirf rems fsils to provider the medicsation when it is due and fail to overnight it and district manger of walgreens fails to call pharmacy in iver 18 hours concerning such. To top it off the dutrict manager for walgreens which coners manhattan and westchester refuses to provide his 50 plus pharmies including the head pharmists of the pharmies, 24 hour pharmies with his telephone contact details, and he is the only one that can only approve a overnight delivery , even when Walgreen clearly screwed up, again, for the 12 month in a row. He Mr. Shaw hides behind a email address, so he can not be contacted it he choses not to be. IMO he should not be employed in that posotion since he refuses to provide the care to the patients. i put in a cusr complaint about other Walgreen horror stories in feb 18 and have not been called back be anyone besides the local pharmacy, and it is many levels above their fixing .