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Thread: hospital stay

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    Sending prayers and good thoughts your way!!
    Incomplete T-12/L-1

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    mend quick
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    I hope you are recovering ok.

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    Cass, I had an endoscopy 4 or 5 years ago, and I know that they had a bit of a problem getting it down, but the drug they give you is so good that even though I remembered that they had a problem, I also remember not really caring (as it was happening), and it was only a faint memory afterward.

    I'd like to get some of that stuff for nights that I cannot drop off due to pain...

    Good luck and good vibes, but don't let it get you wound up
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    Quote Originally Posted by cass View Post
    so...i check in hospital sunday for colonoscopy prep. i am also having endoscopy which really worries me as i feel something in my throat. anyway, 3 calls from hospital nurses in 2 days. different story. i am very apprehensive but they need to look down my throat. so...could y'all just send good thoughts? won't have net access. thank you.
    Don't fret about the endoscopy, they spray this thing in your throat to numb it, I didn't feel anything, it's really not that bad. Hope they find some answers for you Cass.
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    I just said a prayer for you Cass. Promise to say another tomorrow I understand the anxious part because I'm the queen of it. I'm sure everything will be fine and as much as we worry things always seem to work out well in the end. I think of you often so please make sure to let us know how you are as soon as you can. Prayers and hugs

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    Cass. I had colonoscopy last year, not pleasant it will be fine and you will soon be home, when I had mine done and was in and out of the hospital in three hours!
    Sending you positive thoughts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by willingtocope View Post
    Good thoughts from me, too, Cass.

    I'm going in Monday for a colonoscopy. We'll compare scars next week. did yours go? btw, i grew up in iowa! my colonoscopy prep wasn't too awful and the staff was really responsive to my calls (i can feel when things on pouring out, ugh). i was given 4 cups movi-prep (i think it was called) sunday night and again monday morning. i was in the nicest hospital room i've ever seen. apparently, according to hospital staff and my doc, the 23 hr medicare "rule" isn't exactly true. they gave me paperwork stating observation status, i dunno, maybe daisy knows more? anyway, my colon is good.

    the throat endoscopy had me scared not for the procedure but because my brother died of esophageal cancer at age 35, yr and half after my accident. he never smoked, didn't do drugs, wasn't a drinker, nothing. the procedure wasn't too bad and everything was normal there, too.

    i had conscious sedation so was awake for both. no ad. Thank You for all your good thoughts and prayers!

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    Glad the procedures went well and that nothing untoward was found!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cass View Post did yours go? btw....
    End results (no pun intended) turned out fine. Nurses and aides were pleasant and helpful. Prep was not uncomfortable, but certainly annoying. With non-slip booties on,and my lrgs not working, I only mannaged one trip to the portable toilet.

    So, they inserted a rectal tube and a catherter, so I got to spend twelve hours in bed with an IV and drinking a gallon of GoLightly, and feeling liquid running out off unusual orfices.

    Procedure went cut out a cuple small polyps, but found nothing of interest.

    Then, of course, they screwed up the computer data entry, so it took 6 hrs to release me. Didn't get home until 8pm, and of course by then my legs were, after sitting for awile, I tried tto go to bed, and my legs collasped. Assisted living aids had to come pick me up off the floor...and then had another session with them in the middle of the nite when I had too pee.

    Did get a good nights sleep, and far, so good.

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