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Thread: hospital stay

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    hospital stay

    so...i check in hospital sunday for colonoscopy prep. i am also having endoscopy which really worries me as i feel something in my throat. anyway, 3 calls from hospital nurses in 2 days. different story. i am very apprehensive but they need to look down my throat. so...could y'all just send good thoughts? won't have net access. thank you.
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    thank you!

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    Sending you positive thoughts and energy cass - you are one tough cookie and a special lady here at CC - I pray for a positive outcome for you !! {{{hug}}}

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    I'm sure it will work out fine. Communicate your needs and all will be well.
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    Sending good thoughts your way, Cass.

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    I'm thinking of you, s o hope all goes well, and gets rewarded with icce cream..

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    The throat is the easy part. I know you are anxious. Sending a hug and saying a prayer.
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    Sending my best thoughts Cass. Hope they give you lots of TLC.

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    Good thoughts from me, too, Cass.

    I'm going in Monday for a colonoscopy. We'll compare scars next week.

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