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Thread: TM and Herpes

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    Exclamation TM and Herpes

    Sorry to broach this awkward question guys , but has anyone heard of or know of any link between Herpes and TM?
    thanks all and wishing you well.

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    There is some evidence that herpes is associated with MS, so my guess would be...maybe...

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    Might be a question for the 'holy grail' knowledge of TM:
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    T-11 Flaccid Paraplegic due to TM July 1985 @ age 12

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    wow well you could pose your question to Dr Young. TM cause is unknown. Some say it is has been caused by viruses, exposures to chemicals etc.

    The second article below shows how untreated herpes can affect the spinal cord.

    I hope this info helps


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