I just wanted to add that I think having a small of business of your own is a great option for disabled people. You avoid all the discrimination and prejudice issues of working for somebody else, your income is only limited by how much of yourself you put into the business, the more creative you are and the harder you work the better the outcome. The feeling that you did it yourself is fantastic. Ya, there can be long hours, dealing with employees who don't want to work can be tough and there are financial risks, a lot of small businesses fail. As I said, there will be those who will try and talk you out of it, you just have to go with what you feel your capable of doing. I had many small businesses, I started out with Disc Music of America, it was a CD trading company back in the 80's when CD's were a new thing. I've always loved music, but turned out the business was not a good fit for me. Then I opened a company called "Economy Limo" I was the main driver, lol People where not real happy when I hit the power trunk button in the Caddy limo and told them to put their own bags in the trunk, again not that great a fit for me. Then it was on to the Ten minute oil change business and gas station. That was the perfect fit for me, I stuck with it for 15 years before I sold out to a chain and watched the business grow stronger and bigger every year. You need a business that is a good fit for you. Hopefully you will find what is right for you Drew and do well with it.