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Thread: Used Roho Cushion

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    Question Used Roho Cushion

    I use a high profile roho quad cushion- out of many cushions, it has been best. I was prowling eBay and they have a used one, in a size I had to have specially made, for half the price I paid. I want to get it as a back up, my brother who has some say in my spending just said, don't get any holes in the one you have. I actually switch the roho between my power and manual chair, the one that came with power chair is crap. I am not worried about the switching, it's the fact if the roho goes out, I will be in bed til we get another one ordered, made, and paid for at half the price. I can over rule bro, but it will piss him off. What would you do ?

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    get the cushion..........!! it's your butt, not his.......

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    Absolutely get it, it sounds like you need a backup. Switching that cushion back and forth does not sound like a good idea either.
    I have had periodic paralysis all my life. I lost my ability to walk in 2011 beginning with a spinal block, which was used for a hip fracture caused by periodic paralysis.

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    I think there is a lot you need to know about a second hand Roho cushion. I have had my most recent Roho for 3+ years. In the first 3 months, this cushion developed a leak and it was patched with a Roho patch in one of the front quadrants. It has been reliable until recently.

    Fast forward to what I am dealing with now. A week ago today, my 3+ year old Roho cushion developed a slow leak in the right rear quadrant. NL and I were 2 hours into a 4 hour road trip when I became autonomic out of no where. We pulled into a rest stop and went through the checklist of what could be causing the autonomy. Everything checked out until NL did the Roho clearance test, and that is when we found the Roho failure. We did not have a spare cushion with us, but we did have the Roho pump. We pumped the cushion up but every 20-30 minutes thereafter, we had to stop and pump up the cushion until we got home. I developed what appeared to be a deep tissue injury, but hopefully, the sore I have (the absolute first one I have had in 31 years) is not as bad as it first looked.

    I've been in bed for 7 days and it looks like I have dodged a bullet of a very bad pressure sore, but I've got a long way to go before the ischium is going to allow me to be in the chair. Ironically, I have had a new Roho cushion on order, but it will take another 3 weeks before it arrives...such is the process of insurance approval and delivery for use.

    Roho cushions are good, but when they fail, they fail. I have an older Roho cushion that will be my back up, because it has fewer issues than this newer one that just failed.

    When it comes to used cushions, Caveat Emptor, buyer beware.

    All the best,
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    gjnl as a full time user makes strong arguments against used Rohos. All I know is that I have three used ones which I hardly use because am a fan of Supracor. However I do have the one on my "exercise" bike (I'm not sure what to call it) where it works just fine. Maybe because that seat is flat like a solid chair pan instead of a sling. Anyway I have not adjusted the air since starting using it months ago. The second is a high profile, which has no cover, so I haven't tried it much. The third leaks, might not even still have it.
    I have had periodic paralysis all my life. I lost my ability to walk in 2011 beginning with a spinal block, which was used for a hip fracture caused by periodic paralysis.

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    Thanks for the info! My first chair had a varilite evolution on it, and I never had sores. That said, it was the first two years after my injury and I didn't have any atrophy to speak of either. I have never been pressure mapped, maybe I need to look into it...

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    I use a Roho Enhancer in my power chair and often in my manual chair as well. I bought a back up Roho Enhancer on ebay 5 years ago and am still using it in my manual chair. But then in all the years I have used a Roho well over 20 years, the only times I have had an issue is when the low profile I use in a manual chair separates the top layer from the bottom. Contact the seller and ask about the history and usage of the cushion. The one I bought came from a lady right after her husband had died. He used it a very short time.

    I absolutely detested the Jay I had - it was nothing but a heavy problem. With the Roho the cover goes into the shower with me for a rinse and dries overnight. Heck, the cushion itself is so easy to clean with the shower hose.

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    well if that's all you can afford or insurance unavailable, I would take the chance if it was cheap enough and they guaranteed no leaks or patches, but they are right condition is no 1 with roho..age is also a factor, use.......etc........

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    Medicaid pays for crappy cushions. I have spent most of the last year in bed trying to heal hospital-acquired sores. I hate to think what a cheap cushion would do to me. The vendor for my power chair basically said the cushion he ordered was the best one Medicaid would approve...and it's crappy. The roho is $169 on eBay . We paid $550 for mine because its super-sized.

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    Was the powerchair with cushion purchased prior to any history of pressure sores? I know most states medicaid say they will only cover "general use" cushions unless someone has already had a pressure sore. They don't give a shit about prevention.
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