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Thread: Just wondering how many peeps on this forum who load and unload their chairs?

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    TR here, take the wheels off to get it in. Also no fancy back, just the adjustable sling back which weighs a ton less.

    I think for the next chair it'll be whatever the latest TR is, with titanium caster stems. I recall that those steel ones in my current chair were rather heavy when I had it broken down.

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    How would you go anywhere by yourself if you couldnt get your chair in or out by your self ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy View Post
    I think for the next chair it'll be whatever the latest TR is, with titanium caster stems.
    So the TR5?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ~Lin View Post
    So the TR5?
    Lin's goin' in for the SNAP!

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    Quote Originally Posted by allenstevens View Post
    How would you go anywhere by yourself if you couldnt get your chair in or out by your self ?
    Lift (Chair Topper, Out-Rider, etc)

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    Quote Originally Posted by offroaderswife View Post
    I do it from a small SUV. Toyota Venza. T-10 complete. I don't think I could do it from the highlander or bigger SUV. The Venza is probably considered more cross-over. I just have big tires and 20 inch wheels so it seems more SUV-ish. Just added a toe package to it too. It's a great car if your looking for a cross-over/SUV, Lynnifer.
    I have a Denali with a Bruno lift, I can get my chair in it from the car but I am hanging way the fuck out of it and it is not something that is easy or that I do a lot. Certainly not as my daily car. I mostly drive my mini cooper when I am by myself. I was more commenting on that we have a mix of people that can walk a couple steps and therefore can have a heavier chair/load it in the back along with people like us that load from inside the car and it is hard to tell who is who in this thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by t8burst View Post
    I imaging we have a mixture of walkers and completes in this thread. If you have to transfer your chair whilst sitting in the driver seat I doubt you are doing it from an SUV.
    I have a lift similar to this
    in my Tahoe. I don't use the lift to lift me up I just use the platform to sit on while I take the wheels off, jump in reach down grab the chair and throw it in the passenger seat.

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    I haven't dismantled a chair since I sold my Saturn w suicide door a decade and a half ago. My wife and I are chair users, we currently have 2 full sized Ford vans w Braun bifold, platform lifts. Driver and passenger seats in both vans are 6 way power so that we always do gravity transfers, never stressing shoulders. When doing multiple chores in the community one person drives while the other stays up in chair w tiedowns. Sometimes we will do 4 stops and in and outs in community, I cannot picture transferring, taking apart chair, stowing it, etc. My wife wants to get a ZX-1 which will stay in rear of van and be available as needed. I have never been able to make peace w a minivan because having the floor ripped out and rewelded and paying for it just bothers me. We are both able to do fine in a full sized van w standard roofline and no floor mods. One thing I like about this setup is that after transferring from driver seat to chair you can rearrange clothes before getting out - you don't have to be pulling at your crotch in public after transfer.

    If I wasn't closing in on 70 I might well want a sedan. I am attracted to classic, restored cars and recently have been looking at old Lincoln Continentals w suicide doors and also at a restored American Motors AMX. I think I would have a hard time w better half trying to close the deal on these, lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy View Post
    Also no fancy back, just the adjustable sling back which weighs a ton less.
    I'm with the standard sling back now for almost 28yrs and I was thinking it would be lovely to have something more suitable to a pre-menopausal 40yr old woman .. lol. Have you tried any of them - if so - what did you not like?

    Certainly lifting it in/out of my car is a concern ...

    But I am getting some pressure from the back of my sling back on an old tailbone area. Since I'm getting a frame replacement for my GTi, I was thinking it would be nice to have new upholstery too as I'm two years overdue for a new cushion.
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    Stripped ti chair here. 90% of the time i load and unload from subaru legacy.

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