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Thread: Just wondering how many peeps on this forum who load and unload their chairs?

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    Just wondering how many peeps on this forum who load and unload their chairs?

    Like the title says. I'm wondering how many people load and unload their chairs in and out of their cars on a daily basis? I ask this because it seems like there's many people on this forum that aren't too concerned with how much their chairs weigh judging by the equipment that they're using.

    I can say that weight is a huge concern with me which is why I chose the TiLite TR3 chair which is just about featherlite. I could have added extra goodies like carbon fiber backrests, aftermarket brakes and whatnot to the chair. However, I didn't want to do that because all those things add weight which in turn can or will take their toll on my shoulders.

    So, like the thread title says. how many people actually load and unload their chairs on a daily basis? please tell us what choice of chair you use.

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    I drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee and load my ZR2. I plan on getting a TR and making it as light as possible. My ZR is way too heavy but that's my fault for adding things like Frog Legs.

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    As of yesterday I have a ZR (from an A4) which I daily load in and out of either my Mazda Speed or Miata. Historically, I have removed the brakes to shave weight. I do use CF side guards and now have a CF low Jetstream which adds weight. I always play the weight gain/lose vs benefit game.
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    summer cruiser is a Mustang .. use my Lasher BT-Mg when driving it. No sideguards, fixed backposts, Varilite cushion, ADI carbon fiber backrest zip-tied on (no attach hardware), D's Locks = just over 10lb transfer weight. Easy peezy.

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    Kuschall K4 with carbon side guards, scissor brakes, spinergy spox with titanium rims and marathons. Not sure what it weights all up but I get in/out of car (Vauxhall astra) 6+ times a day on average and shoulders aren't suffering so far. My Basketball chair is heavier and i put that in/out of the boot in one piece which takes a fair bit of effort, that's more likely to do me an injury than my everyday chair.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tooley View Post
    fixed backposts, Varilite cushion, ADI carbon fiber backrest zip-tied on (no attach hardware), D's Locks = just over 10lb transfer weight. Easy peezy.
    10lbs seems pretty light. I need to weigh my TR3 and see what it tips the scales at. I would like it think it's super light....

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    I drive a 3500 Dodge Ram and my wifes Prius and have a TiLite 1. It's easer to load into the Dodge then the Prius because in the truck you do not have to pass the chair over your body. The J3 back seems like it could go on a diet somehow, and I've taken everything else off that I can. Maybe I could change out J3 back for a short back that does not fold?
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    I recently switched from using a folding TiLite 2GX and a Braun Chairtopper to load my chair. Now I do it myself. Now, I'm in a rigid TiLite ZRA and I drive a 2004 Honda Accord sedan. I remove the rigid back, seat cushion, arm rests and sideguards to load the chair. I usually don't have push handles mounted unless I expect to use them. I do use brakes - Uni-Locks.

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    I have 2 area friends here in NYC who own cars. Both of them recently purchased the carbon fiber Panthera X to make the chore of lifting them easier. I attended a demonstration of the Panthera X last year and it is indeed impossibly light. By comparison, TiLite chairs, and all the others for that matter, are anchors.

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    MS has compromised my legs and hips, but I need to exercise what I have left to avoid losing even more to atrophy.

    Therefore I purposely chose a relatively heavy chair configuration (AeroZ1 with aluminum seatpan, sideguards, antippers, and MagicWheels) because I can stand and use my leg muscles to lift my fully assembled chair into my minivan. Lifting this chair with my shoulders would quickly destroy them.
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