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    Steven Edwards, John Smith and I were interviewed in yesterday for an article printed today.

    The article highlights the work being done at the UC Irvine Reeve research center and the promise of future therapies.

    Onward and upward.

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    Good job guys. Great article!

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    A pretty comprehensive article for public consumption!
    This is a really goofy question, but if someone takes care of bowel and bladder for the rats for 10 months,do they also do range of motion or do they just sit? Would they still have the instinct/reflex to get up and walk after that length of time or could we be looking at learned non-use?

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    Thanks Chris. Here's the direct link.

    -Steven did it end up like this? it was only a kiss, it was only a kiss.

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    That is not a goofy question. It is very perceptive and illustrates the difficulty of chronic studies on animals. The caregiving, the motivation, the attitude are all aspects of chronically injured animals we cannot assess well. Yet another reason to move on to human clinical trials!


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    Great work, guys!
    Much more perceptive and thorough (as can be given format) than most stories covering these issues.

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    Great article, guys. Although the study indicates the procedure only works in acutes, the stumbling block for chronics is the scar tissue. As we know from some of Dr. Young's posts, the scar problem is being addressed. Perhaps then this procedure will work for chronic injuries a well.

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    Chick, Susan, thx

    john, Mom - I wrote a thread about two years ago maybe?/ entitled, I think, "Why The Rats are Walking" (maybe one of our resident wizards can find the thread - hint: Steven). And in it I theorized about the instinctive responses that rats would potentially have/utilize in terms of walking efforts, etc. Your "range of motion" thought as well as your "instinct/reflex" perspective was considered and discussed.

    Maybe the Exercise forum??

    Overall, thanks for the support everyone.

    The Mom: found it;

    Link Here

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    Really good article Chris, Steven and John.

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    Thanks Lindox, Sue, chick, Mom, Mike.

    Chris, just read this, but looks like you found the thread. On subject, the study showed that a degree of endogenous remyelination occurred in animals that didn't receive the transplant, so you may very well be correct.

    -Steven did it end up like this? it was only a kiss, it was only a kiss.

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