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Thread: Dr.Wise, whats the differece between stem cells & nasal mucosa glial cells?

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    Dr.Wise, whats the differece between stem cells & nasal mucosa glial cells?

    Thanx in advance.

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    The nasal mucosa has stem cells that are capable of making multiple types of cells. However, this does not mean that stem cell are what survives and having a therapeutic effect when nasal mucosa are transplanted. It is not clear tha the stem cells will survive the transplant. Stem cells are usually difficult to isolated even under optimal tissue culture conditions and it is less likely that they will survive in uncontrolled tissue conditions.

    Dr. Alan McKay-Sims in Australia recently announced that his group had successfully grown out stem cells from adult nasal mucosa. This was after much work. In fact, his group had earlier reported successful culturing of olfactory ensheathing glia from nasal mucosa but only a few groups have successfully done so.

    Dr. Lima does not culture the cells. All they do is mince up the lamina propria (the part of the nasal mucosa) and implant the pieces into the spinal cord. These pieces of tissue contain many different kinds of cells, several of which may overgrow a culture unless one uses culture conditions that mitigate against the growth of undesirable cells such as fibroblasts.

    Olfactory ensheathing glia are not stem cells. Once you have a culture of olfactory ensheathing glia, they do not produce many other kinds of cells such as neurons and astrocytes. The cells remain olfactory ensheathing glia in culture and afer transplantation. They are differentiated cells.


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