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bring to the attention that Lady Gaga is using a wheelchair as a fashion accessory. I find this behavior to be wrong and disgraceful.
Don't we all? If I'm going to be seen in a chair out in public, I want it to reflect my personality. I got a blue paint job, blue striped right run wheels, would love anodized unitines and FLSRs...
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This is a custom solid gold 24k wheelchair. It takes planning and premeditation to make something like this. The surgery is not 100% a certain fact.
Gold plated. Solid gold would be too soft.

Have you seen proof she DIDN'T have surgery? I'm not a big fan, have heard her music on the radio and read various articles. When this came up there were a bunch of articles takling about how much money she was going to lose due to canceling the tour, she has to cover the expenses out of pocket to pay people back.