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Thread: Mother moseateer passes away

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    Mother moseateer passes away

    yes annette lost her battle with MS
    she helped so many people
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    She seemed like a lovely person and she did, indeed, help many people. She had a very hard struggle with MS and her husband was devoted to her - he must be devastated.

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    A few of you may remember these:

    All the best,

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    I remember when Annette Funicello was my idol...I was sure if I could be just like her, life would be perfect. This was in the mid-1950s when she was one of the older (and prettier) Mouseketeers on Disney's Mickey Mouse Club on TV. It was black & white of course, and we were one of only two families on the street with a TV at all. How many of you can still sing the song??

    Of course later she made all those beach blanket films with Frankie Avalon, etc. and we still wanted to be her.

    She was diagnosed with MS a few years after my mother (who passed away last fall). I would have liked to have seen her be more visible in the fight for research on MS cure, but she was very private about her disability, as of course was her right.

    RIP, Annette!


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