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Thread: Power Pod for Handcycles - update

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    Power Pod for Handcycles - update

    I haven't come on here in a LONG time. However, I have found a couple of great products on the market that I very much recommend for anyone with any electric power assist on their handcycle:

    • a power guage from Wattsup for around $60
    • very cheap battery cells at just $22 each (including shipping)
    I sell neither of these.
    However, they are well worth the money.


    This tells you everything you want to know about the battery; most importantly, what the voltage is and how many amp-hours you have used. You can use it when you charge the battery; that way you know exactly how many amp-hours went into the cell, and you will know on the road exactly how many you have used. Really usefull...!!!

    CHEAP BATTERY - 12v 12ah $22 [SEE WARNING ON POST #16 BELOW - Only got 8 ah's from battery, could be a one off or could be cheap batteries???]

    Now you cannot beat this - $22 for each cell including shipping. This makes LiPo's etc look very over-priced. Again, I don't sell these.

    Update overall...
    As for the Power Pods - they are going strong. There are 23 happy customers out there. We have had no returns. No complaints beyond a few helpful user suggestions etc. The product is robust and I use mine every week and have put thousands of miles on it. We even have some quads flying around the roads using their chins on the throttle.

    I'll add that the Handicapped products market is a tough old market. There are no big publications to advertise in; I rely on word of mouth only. There are just a few big players. The margins on all this (from my small perspective) are tiny. The customers are very nice, and I get a real kick out of the feedback.

    In fact, if I'm honest, the customer reactions make this worthwhile for me. The enthusiasm from hearing their delight at speeding around the roads and riding with family is what makes this really satisfying. I am very glad I have a day job and do not need to make a living from doing this lol.

    ...time for a quick plug at the end???

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    I've seen one in action. The user was just beginning to get back in shape post-injury and was very overweight. It was his first event ride. He was easily able to keep up with the main pack instead of being just in front of the sag wagon. Just my opinion, but the boost to his morale at staying with the group and participating fully kept him interested and not discouraged. At the end of the two day ride he said he was going to do it again. Well worth the money in his case.
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    I love mine. I doubt with these busted up ole shoulders I'd still be handcycling without it. Probably would but sure would be slow.

    I reccommend it to any rider out there from rec. to top racer. For the newbies it allows them to ride at a faster pace with less strain on the shoulders and is a great device to use while building up the shoulders and cardio to take the strain. As ISM said, it helped a fellow athlete get back in shape post injury. It also works the cardio bigtime.

    For the racer, it gets them used to pushing at a faster cadence and used to a faster speed. When one is used to going only10mph, it takes a faster cadence to get riding at 20mph; the PP provides a platform to train on the road to get used to a faster cadence and faster speed.

    For me, I used to ride around 11mph average, now it's more like 18mph with a uch better cardio workout and totally less strain on the shoulders. It's cool to come up from behind serious cyclists and pass them.

    The only thing I've had to change on my PP was the tire. I wore it out and put on a Marathon Plus. I also added a third battery making the PP much faster and added the ability to go more miles. I've yet to run out of juice doing a 25 miler. If I did, there is very little if any, drag from the PP. My throttle is wearing out after the over thousand miles I put on it so may have to relace that, but it works for now.

    I sse that Freedom Ryder is offering a power option now. Thing is the wheel is always with you no matter if you are using it or not and the extra weight on the ffront would seem to make steering more cumbersome at slower speeds. With the PP, it takes literally seconds to disconnect and be in a complete lightweight manual mode.

    How much work to hook up the Wattsup meter Mark? Which one did you get; bare ended or power pole ends?
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    Keep selling them, after all there are a lot of us getting older, or have other issues, or just want to keep up with some AB friends.
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    They also sell a 15ah battery, which are the ones I use. A little more m oney but worth the extra ummph and longer mileage per charge.

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    Thank you Mark for the 2 updates. I am still waiting to try mine out once the snow is gone

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    Hi Patrick, how much of difference in miles are you noticing between the 12ah vs the 15ah? Also, have you tried a 15ah in your ZX1?

    P.S. Mark, does your power pod come with the 12ah or 15ah?

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    Hi Mark, boy I'm not sure how many more miles with the 15ah as I've never run that low; esp. with the added battery.

    If I remember right, the added battery actually doubles the wattage of the power wheel to a 1000 watt vs. the 500 with just the one pack of three. I rode with just the one pack for a long time until Curt and mark talked me into adding more. Sure made a difference but I'm glad I waited til I was used to the extra speed from the PP. Perhaps Mark or Curt could explain more, but I think the 15ah also gives more power.

    I bought my first batteries from E-bike with 15ah. They discontinued selling them but I was told they can always get them. The nice thing about getting them from E-bike was they were in a bag already setup rarin to go. Mark provides good instructions on hooking a set up.

    Yes, I replaced the batteries on my ZX with the 15ah.

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    Yes with the forth battery I was flying, it was a blast keeping up with the real fast cyclists training, infact they would draft me. I have not ridden with the power pod in quite sometime as I have not been riding as much as I use to, but I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to go long distances and not get burned out and wants to add more of a thrill to their rides, riding with the power pod is riding in color, riding without out it is black and white, lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick Madsen View Post
    How much work to hook up the Wattsup meter Mark? Which one did you get; bare ended or power pole ends?

    Hey Pat..! Thanks as ever. When I say that "word of mouth" is what helps me sell these things, I really mean "word from Pat's mouth". You were my first customer and have been my biggest thanks!!! (and now the thread will likely get pulled as being too commercial...I hope not

    Anyway. With the meter, there are 2 ways to wire it. In series, or just on the black wire (with a small +ve lead for power). I recommend the second, since it uses much less wire and enables you to route it to the front where you can see it better.

    In this diagram of options, this is the FIRST diagram....

    Also, I bought it with the bare wire and fitted the Anderson connectors to it so that I can easily connect it to the batteries.

    I also have the meter wrapped around the framework of the bike (not zip-tied) so that I can remove it. It is really hand to take it off the bike and measure how many Ah's the charger is putting back into any of the batteries...

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