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Thread: New injury rehab question

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    New injury rehab question

    My friend's son (22) was injured last week in a motorcycle accident.
    He sustained a L1 complete injury.

    He has been given a few choices of rehab and his parents don't know which location may be best. He is in northern CA.

    Does anyone have any experience with any of these options?
    1-Pacific Medical Center Daves Campus in SF
    2-Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in San Jose
    3-Roseville Sutter Hospital

    Thanks in advance. I know they appreciate it.

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    Santa Clara Valley has the best reputation and specializes in SCI rehab, while the other two units are general rehab units that also care for SCI patients. SCVMC is a county hospital though, so has less of the perks of a private hospital, but that is not the basis on which you pick a rehab hospital.

    SCVMC and Pacific are accredited by CARF (the Commission for Accreditation of Rehab Facilities) as a SCSC (Spinal Cord System of Care). Roseville is not.

    I would recommend that his family visit these two facilities, talk to the staff, and interview a few patients and/or family members (if possible).

    I assume the young man is not a military veteran??


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    Santa Clara Valley will have the most experience with SCI. It wont be as shiny as CPMC (California Pacific Medical Center... I think that is the first one you mentioned), but it is the right place.

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