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Thread: drastic increase in uti's

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    drastic increase in uti's

    The past 6 - 8 months I have had more uti's than in the past 10 years put together. The drain bags I am being provided with have been substituted with another brand and the god awful metal drain clamps on the #$%$#$ bard bags open spontaneously. I use the large bedside bags under my chair nearly full time and constantly peeing on the floor because of those damn clamps is not an option. I wind up pulling the plastic thing off the end of the drain tube, pulling the metal clamp off and sticking an old drain from an old leg bag on the end of the tubing. I tried calling LSL Industries who make the old bags that worked so well but they do not sell to individuals. Interestingly enough they are getting calls from others with the same problem. My nursing service tried to order the bags but ran into a road block needing a VA authorization number. LSL Industries does not currently have the VA contract which is what is causing the problem.

    I have no idea what to do at this point I am tired of being sick all the time. And puddles on the floor are not acceptable. So far this year I have already been on cipro, nitrofurantin and somethingfloxin.

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    How do you manage your bladder? Condom Catheter? Indwelling urethral catheter? Suprapubic catheter?

    How often and how do you clean your collection bags.

    These clamps (see below) are sold by Urocare and not very expensive. They are very reliable. You could order them from Urocare or possible a medical store online and replace the metal clamp.

    Have you read anything on Care Cure Community about Vetericyn instillations?
    Here are some threads to read and study. Many of our members use these instillations to help prevent bladder colonization and urinary tract infections.

    All the best,

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    If you have a bag that works for you, you can ask your SCI VA provider to write a non-formulary request for the specific product you need, and these can be mailed to you once approved, either from the VAMC or the CMOP. They just need to include in the request the specific reason that the contract bags do not work for you. Medline is often used by the VA, and are not the best bags. Bard also makes several models of bags, not just the ones with the metal clamps, and most are on VA contract.

    It is not very likely that your UTIs issues are from the bags though. Have you had your SCI Annual Evaluation to include screening for stones, abscesses, diverticuli, or other anatomical problems with your urinary tract?? What type of indwelling catheter are you using? Are you maintaining a closed system? Securing the catheter? Providing appropriate daily meatus care?

    I assume when you say UTIs you mean a true UTI with a fever, chills, malaise, AD, leakage around the catheter, blood in the urine, etc., not just a positive culture. The latter is only evidence of colonization, not of UTI in the absence of these types of signs and symptoms.


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    My normal temp runs about 98 and it is going over 100 when the infections come. I have used a foley since 85 and have never had problems like this. The Bard bags with the plastic thumb clamp would be fine but the VA said they cannot get those because they are made in China - the ones with the metal drain clamp are currently made in Mexico. I agree with you on the Medline bags not being great - they have one of the highest failure rates of any I have seen over the years often having leakage issues.

    I was using the soft Coloplast foleys until the factory that made them closed. The all silicone catheters to not work for me because they are so hard and cause irritation and the irritation causes infection. So it is back to the Bard silicon coated latex for catheters not my first choice but my first choice no longer exists.

    The catheter is secured with a stat-lock so it does not pull, and there are no stones or other issues with the bladder. Somehow with the communication that went on I did get a non formulary issue of a case of very nice Conveen leg bags. One of my friends will be happy to use those. Once the bag is hooked up I do not remove it from the catheter until ready to change the bag or insert a new catheter. I shower daily and since the infections got so bad I started using betadine around the catheter twice a day like the hospital did years ago when I first began with a foley.

    Others who never get spasms may not have a problem with the metal drain clamp. But for many of us spasms are part of life. I choose to not take baclofen in the daytime because utilizing the spasms help me get my legs through the pant legs and also help me transfer.

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    Gjnl, thanks for the vetericyn links I will be checking them out carefully.

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    Are these the BARD bags you are getting??

    Did you check out the Rochester silicone Foley's??? That is what we use for completely non-latex indwelling catheters.


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    Yes KLD those are the bags I am getting. That clamp has been a disaster for me. It just will not stay closed during use. Funny thing is when I contacted LSL Industries to try to buy the other bags they said they had been getting a lot of calls from vets wanting to buy their bags. I am definitely not the only one having this problem.

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    Hi "Bookjunky,"

    NL found some of the plastic clips pictured in one of my posts to this thread. If you want these clips to try, I'll send them to you. The clips have never been used.

    I sent you a PM. You can send me your address in response to the PM I sent.

    All the best,

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    Thank you GJ

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