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    For most of today I experienced what I could best describe as throbbing aches within my remaining arm muscles of both arms. Kinda like the pain you get from an overzealous workout pre-SCI, yet it just doesn't fade during the course of the day. Simultaneously, I had this dull pain in my butt from sitting in the chair that literally does not dissipate, even minimally, until I go vertical onto my stander machine. It's only short-lived however, within 30-45 minutes after I sit back on my chair the pain creeps back, and slowly ascends to it's previous level.
    What do I consider a day like this?
    For me it's a party, normally I develop this tingling skin sensation throughout my arms, denying me the little bit of sensation that remained scattered about my arms as a c4-5. The same goes for my shoulders and chest areas. Without normal sensation, I automatically get the sense of coldness and likewise I start trembling beneath a blanket that I must keep wrapped around me. I end up staying like this all day, unless I begin to get the "electric shocks" jolting spasms thru my legs. In between these damn shocks, my legs feel like they're immersed in ice water. This causes me to wrap the blanket over my head so I must really resemble the Grimm reaper/ zombie look as I sit practically on top of the space heater. Great living thru the winter, huh. Can hardly wait until tomorrow . Sorry for rant.

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    Spring is on the way.

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    Winter sucks Tim. Been a long one. I put blankets in the dryer to warm Dave up.
    Party time over here too.... Hang in there friend.

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