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Thread: Distance from smartnav camrea

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    Question Distance from smartnav camrea

    Yes I've read the manual but looking at the YouTube videos it can b closer

    my setup is the smartnav, a headset, a Toughbook, my glasses

    im low vision about 8/24

    I have the smartnav dot on my glasses

    How far do you have smartnav camera away from your dot?

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    I use a bigger piece of the reflective material. About a 1in square piece. I'm about 3-4 ft away from it. I'm always that far away so I haven't used the little dots. Isn't there some smaller square dots? They are bigger then the little circles. Give that a shot.

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    i put my laptop on a tray table so i can get close, about 2 feet away i usually am. i feel funny if i move further away

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