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Thread: Video-my latest standing/steps at PT

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    Video-my latest standing/steps at PT

    I just posted a video my hubby put together of my work at standing & walking with AFO's & walker last week. (Much harder for me than I make it look...)

    first story on my blog:

    or youtube link:

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    That video is great. Thank you for sharing.

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    Congratulations on that. You look really strong and in control when you stood up out of your chair.
    I have had periodic paralysis all my life. I lost my ability to walk in 2011 beginning with a spinal block, which was used for a hip fracture caused by periodic paralysis.

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    Looking good. Just curious, if your injury was 9 years ago, how is it that you are just getting to this.
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    Hello Darlagee, you look good in your video. i was also wondering did you work on walking when you got injured? i had no trama from a accident cause i was paralized from TM so PT pushed me very hard, did you have trama so you couldnt work then or you going back to therapy? whatever keep trying. i keep telling my self to keep trying.

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    That looks wonderful to me! Your weight-bearing looks really strong.

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    Its a long story...(9 years long, I guess!)

    Sep 2003- MVA, broken back (t-11,12), 2 bowel ruptures, 7 ribs & collarbone break

    2004-stronger, some hip flexor return, trained for KAFO's

    2005-noticed some tiny return of quads, continually tried to move. Went to PT but they were little help, (even at big city sci rehab hospital) Kept working on it myself, strapped my feet to a little machine that pedaled your feet for you and I tried to move along with it.

    Fall 2006- received some settlement $ from MVA (drunk driver) and found Project Walk. They REALLY pushed me and slowly I got some more return and strength building.

    2008- I pushed the system for AFO's so I could work at standing with them. They were beyond me and the PT discouraged me from using them, but I kept trying for a while, then gave up because my arms kept giving out. Learned to get on the floor and back up by myself, kept exercising at home and a little at Project Walk/Adapt

    2009-2012- I kept exercising at home and with a trainer I hired to come to my house. Began to find slowly and build slowly more glutes and quads. Kept working my whole body and staying strong. I did a lot of walking on my knees while holding onto and pushing a dining room chair. (My core was super strong for a woman my age.)

    2012-current- My shoulders and neck were always hurting; found a PT in my own small town who is totally skilled and experienced with sci and gait training. After helping me with me shoulder pain, she wanted to work my exercise program back in with things that wouldn't hurt my shoulders. She thought I was strong enough to start trying to use my AFO's and put my work into standing instead of pushing the chair which hurt my shoulders and knees.

    My right side is weaker and I don't know if it has plateaued, so I'm trying and will see if there continues to be improvement. Even if not, all my work has gotten my body stronger, which feels good and has helped make many everyday movements much easier, so I try to remind myself that its been worth all the work.

    So after 9 years I am still building muscle in my thighs, and hips. I've had no return below my knees-completely flaccid (even though I keep trying to move them like I did to discover the return in the other parts).

    (My crash/recovery story is on my blog link below and I will try to remember to repost another link here when I do my next update.

    Hope this helps...

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    you rock keep it up

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    I had a terrible night after a standing session and some leg lifts with 5 # weights, sit-ups etc. bad neuro pain, hip & neck pain. It may or may not have been the workout. That's what drives me crazy about the neuro pain - it's so inconsistent that you can't learn from it! Drives me crazy.

    Just wanted to update to keep my committment to keeping it real. Thanks

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    Darlagee22 That's quite a tail of dogged determination. I would bet that you use a standing frame as well. Great job keeping at it.

    I'm just past two years, and mostly for leg exercise, I stand up holding the back of the couch. The couch is raised up an there are two big pillows on the back, with this set up I can put from 0 two all my weight on my legs and move them around as much as possible. And of course the couch is facing the TV so I don't get to bored.
    And yes I totally under stand the neuro pain when trying to get stuff going. Tried Russian E-stim on my butt, just to maybe get something to sit on, but had a very bad neuro pain day for my efforts.
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