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Thread: Speaking of caregiver pay

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    At the moment I still have my mother helping me however when that time comes that she no longer can I have some friends who live nearby that could provide assistance should I need it.
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    My agency supplied PCA's wages start at about $9.50 but my one attendant w/10 years at the company only receives $10.50. 10 paid days a year to use anyway they want. Sick days come out of the 10. Shifts are 4 hours in morning and 4 hours from 6 til 10pm. By myself the rest.

    Paid overtime and double time on holidays.

    PA pays the agencies $20.00 per hour to provide attendant care. Income cutoff is about $20,500 P/Y
    GOP gov and congress cut 8 million from funding for the disabled and 2 million from attendant care this year on top of 25% cuts last 2 years. Gave corporations 300 million tax break.

    Very high turnover.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SCIfor55yrs. View Post
    After reading this I do not feel too badly about how much I pay my caregivers.

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney)
    The fastest growing job in America pays poorly. Meet home health care aides.

    These nearly 2 million (mostly minorities and women) workers do everything from prepare meals and clean homes, to bathe and change bedpans for elderly and disabled patients.

    As Baby Boomers age, this job is expected to explode, growing 70% between 2010 and 2020, according to the Labor Department. That makes it the single fastest growing job in the United States, according to their forecasts.

    Call it the silver tsunami. Roughly every eight seconds, a Baby Boomer turns 65. And that has led to surging demand for in-home care.
    "This isn't just a surge, a one-time hiring spurt. This is something we will do this year and into the future," said Paul Hogan, chairman of Home Instead Senior Care, which alone plans to hire 45,000 caregivers in North America this year. "It's all driven by the growth in the senior population."

    But even though there are plenty of job opportunities, many of these people make the same wage as teenagers flipping burgers or selling clothes at the mall. The average hourly wage is just $9.70 an hour, according to the Labor Department.

    Read the full article here:
    This is a great article, thanks for sharing. It's sad how little some caregivers get paid considering that their work is for such an important purpose... It really makes you think about what we pick for careers and how it impacts our lives.

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