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Thread: Quadriplegic seeking Independent Living

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    Quadriplegic seeking Independent Living

    Hi I'm a c-5/6 tetraplegic seeking autonomy.

    Does anyone have any input on this matter?

    Is there any literature or post that could help in this regard?

    What are the different options?

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    leothelion, you are more likely to get some responses if you post some specific about your present living situation, and what is currently preventing you from living independently. For example, do you have sufficient funds to pay for rent and attendant care? How much attendant care do you require? Who is currently providing any care that you need? Are you employed or going to school? What state are you in?? Urban or rural???

    Also, did you ever read the responses to your post from a year ago with the same question??

    Have you consulted with your local Independent Living Center for information about local (county or state) services which may be helpful for you achieving this goal??


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    Thank you SCI-Nurse.

    My previous post did help and I will contact assisted living tomorrow.

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    Assisted living is not the same as an Independent Living Center. The former is a step up from a nursing home. An ILC is a consumer run disability advocacy organization that provides education, counseling, referral to services, and other advocacy services. Do you know where yours is?


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    for starters: where in NC are you?

    some peer support (in-person) could be helpful here.

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    Try here and click on the Centers tab for the closest center to you.
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    my current living situation

    I currently live in Illinois in an assistive living apartment
    look in your phone book about housing asuthority,
    They might be able to help you find low-income housing
    I get rent section 8 housing from my local housing authority.
    where I live my aides come in at scheduled times
    if you I want to know more about my apartment I can tell you

    Google frontier hollow apartments and under
    You. will hopefully find a link to where I live
    The supervisor hires aides and they come to clients at scheduled times.

    I can try to answer any other questions you have.
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