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Thread: Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT) How is everyone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew K Fletcher View Post
    I wrote to you privately to question where and why you placed your remark about breast milk. I knew you were taking the pee, so did a little digging and found that a small group of people were ridiculing another member and myself in the private members forum.
    All I got was a link to the survey you did a while back. I question the validity of calling it anything else, since there were no real controls, it's admittedly subjective and it's not quantitative.

    My remark in this thread was intentionally flippant. I don't think you'll be selling too many IBT's to SCI's as we pretty much think it's FOS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew K Fletcher View Post
    Because it isn't easy to convince people to try sleeping on an angle. They tend to come up with all sorts of excuses not to try it rather than experimenting for themselves. Just like the majority of people posting on this thread.
    Sounds more like all sorts of excuses for not doing a real scientific study. Anecdotal evidence is worth nothing!

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    Tilting a bed to make use of gravity is something NASA have been doing since the early 90's. I would consider their opinion as being worthwhile, especially when they go to the trouble of publishing their conclusions and thoughts. Yes I know you are going to think of all sorts of excuses to ignore this research as much as you will ignore the effects that gravity has upon the circulation, which is your choice and I respect that. But using your bias and poor understanding of physiology to try to discourage people with spinal cord injury from considering that gravity and posture can help people with neurological conditions to regain function and sensation is deplorable. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy watching the videos. There are more interesting videos on her channel.

    Published on 19 Feb 2013
    In this 2012 talk at NASA's Ames Research Center, Dr. Joan
    Vernikos explains how during these technology-rich times we're moving (and using gravity) less and how that is slowly undermining our health.

    Published on 19 Feb 2013
    Dr. Joan Vernikos visits NASA's Ames Research Center and tells the story of George Mueller, and how simply standing up frequently throughout the day helped this 91 year-old get back on his feet.

    Published on 18 Feb 2013
    In this 2012 talk at NASA's Ames Research Center Dr Joan Vernikos, author of "Sitting Kills, Moving Heals", explains how what we've leaned form astronauts has shown that so many of the ills affecting our health today are due to not moving enough throughout the day.

    Published on 19 Feb 2013
    In this 2012 talk at NASA, Dr. Joan Vernikos explains how a lifestyle of frequent, low-intensity, non-exercise movement throughout the day is a great way to remain healthier.
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