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Thread: Inclined Bed Therapy (IBT) How is everyone?

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    I mentioned 4 things , it's strANGE that people who r negative like u pick up only my 4th point , why not the other three?

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    Instead of asking questions , y don't u try it , it 'sfree !

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    Its supposed to help with GERD, but sci no way. Interesting observation about keeping your feet from feeling so cold.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lakboy View Post
    I mentioned 4 things , it's strANGE that people who r negative like u pick up only my 4th point , why not the other three?
    for one, anyone with breathing problems should have their head elevated. this is standard practice and really isnt solely related to "inclined bed therapy" you can get the same results by propping your head up with pillows. better breathing --> better sleep and deeper sleep meaning your dreams are more vivid (again, not exclusive to the "inclined bed therapy" ermagherd the wonders of breathing properly!)

    also increased bloodpooling in the legs = warmer legs at night. not really a miracle nor exclusive to said therapy. also, more oxygen getting to the lungs and therefore the blood = warmer legs at night. which all could be achieved even more drastically if you actually stopped smoking.
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    This is bizarre ! It's free and the man has worked on it , I just understand the cynicism ! I will post more later as I see more improvements !

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    Don't understand the cynicism !

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    Quote Originally Posted by lakboy View Post
    Don't understand the cynicism !
    you haven't been here long enough. this guy keeps popping in over the years.

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    Cheesecake, I cannot believe how you can call me a snake oil salesman. On what grounds do you base this? What exactly is it that I am supposed to be selling? I challenge you to look all to look at my posts and the posts from those on the forum who actually tried Inclined Bed Therapy, not those who think that a few pillows or raising the head end of a bed with legs either raised or level. Ignore the post from Andy who for some reason deliberately sabotaged my work. And while you are at it watch the video on Youtube:

    If I had a spinal cord injury, I too would be cynical about anyone proposing anything that goes against what the medical profession are advocating, but when the medical profession say you won't recover, get used to it. I sure as hell would investigate every option, especially when it costs nothing !

    Cass: What kind of defence is it that I keep "popping in"? Ever asked yourself why anyone would waste 18 years of their life helping people for nothing if he / she had nothing to offer?

    Cryptagimp: Bang on regarding respiratory conditions. Wrong about blood pooling in the legs though, unless of course you just raise the upper half of the bed and have your legs flat. Right again on the smoking.

    Beatscookin: Your argument is interesting. What you are saying gets to the heart of why anything either I or anyone using IBT write here is ignored. Ignorance is bliss? Anecdotal evidence does not = no evidence at all. It does however mean that as long as the evidence is ignored we feel safe tucked up in our flat beds. Yet all the evidence is stacked up against sleeping flat. There are lots of published papers that demonstrate muscular atrophy, demineralisation of the skeleton, heart atrophy, induced neurological damage, visual imparements, tissue damage, formation of gall, kidney and bladder stones, edema, night time paralysis all attached to sleeping in a flat bed.

    Flying: Like your bed, the Earth was once thought to be flat.

    T8, don't doubt it test it.

    6 Shooter: Can we learn more about what you did regarding tilting the bed, height at head end for example, is the bed completely tilted? Has your son slept flat for comparison? How long post injury prior to tilting his bed?

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    Role of body position & gravity in the symptoms and treatment of various conditions

    SWISS MED WKLY 2004;134:543–551 · www.smw.chPeer reviewed article
    The role of body position and gravity in the
    symptoms and treatment of various medical
    Rémy C. Martin-Du Pan
    , Raymond Benoit
    , Lucia Girardier
    Spécialiste FMH en endocrinologie / diabétologie, Genève, Switz
    Spécialiste FMH en angiologie, Genève, Switzerland
    Professor in physiology
    Postural medicine studies the effects of grav-
    ity on human body functions and the ability to in-
    fluence various diseases by changing the body’s po-
    sition. Orthostasis requires numerous cardiovas-
    cular and neurohumoral adaptations to prevent
    hypotension and a resulting decrease in cerebral
    perfusion. Sitting upright or in a semi-sitting po-
    sition reduces venous return in patients with heart
    failure, intracranial pressure in patients with in-
    tracranial hypertension, intraocular pressure in
    glaucoma patients and may decrease gastro-oe-
    sophageal reflux. A left recumbent posture also de-
    creases reflux. A right lateral position results in a
    lower sympathetic tone than lying on the left side
    and is beneficial in patients with heart failure or
    after an infarction without bradycardia. A 40 to
    70% decreased prevalence of the sudden infant
    death syndrome has been observed since the rec-
    ommendation to avoid laying infants to sleep in a
    prone position. Sleeping in a supine posture in-
    creases the severity of sleep apnoea compared to a
    lateral position. In patients with acute respiratory
    distress syndrome, a prone position can rapidly im-
    prove blood oxygenation. Idiopathic oedema, or-
    thostatic proteinuria, intradiscal pressure and ve-
    nous circulation in legs are improved in the decu-
    bitus position, whereas arterial flow is reduced.
    Health risks due to microgravity and prolonged
    bed rest, such as osteoporosis, venous thrombosis
    or pressure sores, are discussed.

    Download File:
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    Good god, this lunatic is back? Oh boy

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