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Thread: Will the VA?

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    Will the VA?

    Hello Everyone I am new here. I saw the chair that my buddy got from the VA and it is not light. I took donations from friends, family and church members and got enough money to buy a light chair from sportaid. However I do not want to mess things up as this is a big purchase. If I go to the VA will they help with the fitting even if I don't get the chair thru them? Thanks in advance,

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    The VA should buy the whole chair for you. It may tale awhile, mine took 5 months from referal to purchase order.

    The VA tried at first to give me the same chair you see in the lobby, an Invacare SX. But when I was able to say exactly why I needed something that I could push myself in, they were more than willing to order exactly what I wanted (an Icon)

    I would say that the very helpful people at my VA would certainly help with a fitting, but why don't you ask yours before you buy? My kinestheropist was absolutly indignant that I would have to spend my own money when I told them that is exactly what I would do instead of the invicare.

    At the Fayeteville VA there are a bunch of chairs that never worked out for one reason or another, you might be able to get a loaner until yours comes in. It never hurts to ask.

    I wrote about my experience in this thread, and this one.
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    It's been my experience that the VA will not work on a chair they did not purchase.

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    Looks like the OP is an able-bodied friend of a vet who got a wheelchair through the VA, and the OP has raised the money to buy the friend a different chair. Since the friend is entitled to a chair that meets his needs through the VA, this may not be the right way to go about getting the right chair.

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    ^^^ Exactly. Hopefully, CareCure members SCI_OTR and/or SCI-Nurse KLD, who both work for the VA and are familiar with this stuff will weigh in.

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    The VA fitted me for a chair about six months ago, they wanted to give me a power chair, I'm a walking c4 incomplete, but I wanted a light folding chair for the days when I'm weak, I've been falling and for travel, they are ordering a titanium chair from tilite, it's been a while but I think with the heavy demand they've been having, it's to be expected.
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    I do not want to mess up ordering it myself so I just thought they might help. I guess I should just ask.

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    Thanks for caring, Steve. All the best to you, and your veteran friend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevecr View Post
    I do not want to mess up ordering it myself so I just thought they might help. I guess I should just ask.
    Definitely. Ordering even a fairly simple chair is a complex process.

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    Have your buddy go through the VA. The VA will not fit, fix, or buy a chair they didn't measure and order. If he knows what type of chair he wants then he should tell them. He has a voice and is suppose to be involved with his care. If there are options that he wants and needs light folding side cards or push handles ask for them. Everyone's needs are different and so every chair will be different. Not all PT's or KT's are experts in fitting chairs.

    As far it taking a long time to get the wheelchair or equipment. The VA changed the way they ordered equipment over $3000, which is most of our equipment. It use to be handled at the medical center by prosthetics. If it is more than $3000, the medical center first has to screen it and then send it up to contracting who orders the piece of equipment. Some centers have not had many problems, others it has been a nightmare. If a therapist orders a piece of a equipment that is over $3000 and it is taking too long (be realistic) and contact your local PVA NSO. What I meant by realistic is if they ordered you a wheelchair and it's been 3 weeks, that's not realistic. Now if it's been like 5 months then you need to contact your NSO. Some of these orders are taking 6 weeks just to be placed by the VA, where a year ago it only took at most a couple of weeks. Your NSO will find out where your order is and push it along.

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