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Thread: GIGER MD® Therapy Locomotion System

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    GIGER MD® Therapy Locomotion System

    Hello @ all,

    has anyone gained experience with the GIGER MD Locomotion System?
    We have seen the Giger MD in Switzerland and look for patients who work successful with this System to tell us something more about it.



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    Another Great machine

    I saw one of these today also. It was in use by a guy who is a Quad and has recently returned from Portugal.

    Also at Shepherd Center in Atlanta.

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    they just got 1 at shepards i love it so great for my legs and pelvic area makes me so much looser as i have terrible spams an tone i love it

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    The equipment known as a "Giger MD Locomotion System" used to provide the intensive therapy necessary is actually correctly called GIGER MD medical device. For more information about this innovative and extraordinarily successful therapy method for sci-patients consult or contact the developer and provider on the no. 011 41 32 621 97 41 or by e-mail to

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