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Thread: LOTS of wheelchair and scooter wheels

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    LOTS of wheelchair and scooter wheels

    I am always looking for extra money to pay for equipment, supplies, and therapy (aren't we all) well this morning we took a drive to pick up a weird load... about 20 sets of wheelchair wheels (24'' mag) and all kinds of scooter and power chair wheels and tires at least 50. i was told to sell them for medical money from the friend of a family friend. so i will be posting pics soon. hoping to get 50 a set plus shipping but dont know yet post if you need a backup set. still need to go through everything. if you have any advice it would be welcomed!

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    A friend may be interested. Not sure what size he needs.

    Would love a guess as to shipping cost from where you are to North Carolina also. Thanks!!!

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    wont know until Wednesday when i get some boxes.

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    will get back to you soon in the hospital sorry

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    do u have any permobil tires/casters?
    Today is one day closer to The Cure

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    out of the hospital ill get some pics up tomorrow. i just got a few boxes so ill have a shipping price for your friend thanks all also do you know what size tire you use on your permobil? are the all the same?

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    illinois, and no, chicago is not anywhere near where i live
    sounds like somebody is just giving you a bunch of junk they can't get rid of.

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    Might be junk to the friend,but some might find just what they need in something someone else can't use.

    I'm always on the lookout for spare parts.

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    no he used to own a medical supply shop

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