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Thread: how do quads use computers in bed?

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    I am a c4/5 quad and this is how I use my computer in my bed. First of all I have a LED/LCD TV. I have my laptop plugged into it via a HDMI cable. You can use pretty much any desktop computer/laptop that has HDMI/D sub out. I use 2 input devices voice recognition
    I'm a C5/6 n use an almost identical setup minus speech recognition. For a keyboard I have always used Adesso KB's with the built in touchpad. Wayyy better than having a heavy/hot laptop on ur lap. They make wireless n wired. I prefer wired lately cuz changing batteries is annoying n the wires easier to grab onto when reaching. They go from $25-$55 slightly used on ebay or $50 - $80 new.

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