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Thread: Kidney stone - 8mm of death and destruction

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    Kidney stone - 8mm of death and destruction

    That's the way it feels.

    The Dallas VA SCI clinic confirmed that I have an 8mm stone:

    "The left kidney is upper limits of normal in size measuring 13.1cm. There is a 0.8cm shadowing renal stone in the lower pole of the left kidney. No renal masses, hydronephrosis or perinephric fluid collections."
    Last year I had an 8mm x 11mm stone descend and become lodged in my left ureter, blocking urine flow and leading to a greatly enlarged kidney and ultimately sepsis. I had to rush to the ER when the symptoms became too much to bear.

    The VA has scheduled a CT scan on March 18 (10 days from now) and I won't even see a urologist until April 30. That means that any lithotripsy won't be until June/July. That's a whole lot of time to sit, suffer and worry about another ureter blockage.

    My UA, C&S and CBC show that I'm infection-free. My urine is a very clear pale gold. But I have some waves of pretty intense back pain. Periodically I'll experience shuddering chills and a spike in BP. After 15-20 minutes this will pass, my BP will drop and the chills will abate. A fever does not follow. Even though I'm a T-4 complete, AD does not occur after the BP rise.

    My research has indicated that this stone is too large to pass. But that does not mean that the stone will not descend and block the ureter as previous experience has shown.

    Psychologically it's difficult to sit and wait, knowing that at any moment the stone may block the ureter and thus set off a chain of medically adverse events.

    Does anyone have any useful tips or recommendations?

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    Get it taken care of ASAP before you get really sick.

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    Same thing happened to me in 1983. Cost me my best job ever!

    Sounds like VA is very much like the Canadian medical system. a waiting system

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    I can't understand why they don't treat you with more urgency in this matter.
    I have had periodic paralysis all my life. I lost my ability to walk in 2011 beginning with a spinal block, which was used for a hip fracture caused by periodic paralysis.

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    same thing with me, going for 2nd ct on thursday, finally, 4 month wait so far....good luck...

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    Quote Originally Posted by nonoise View Post
    I can't understand why they don't treat you with more urgency in this matter.
    There are many other veterans with far worse symptoms, so I understand why my case would not receive the highest priority. Since it's classified as a non-obstructing stone, I have no blood in my urine and the pain, while intense at times, is bearable.

    I understand your response; I always wish that the doctor would say "We'll get this taken care of immediately."

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    Quote Originally Posted by airart1 View Post
    same thing with me, going for 2nd ct on thursday, finally, 4 month wait so far....good luck...
    Downside of the VA system: Waiting for treatment.

    Upside of the VA system: Excellent care for no cost.

    My experience has been very good for the past 33+ years in the VA system, but I've always regretted the time it took to get treatment. I have patience because I realize that many other veterans are in far worse shape than me. The doctors and nurses at the SCI clinic are top notch and they do their best within the constraints of a health care system burdened with newly injured veterans.

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    I'm sorta with the same philosophy with it, it's really not killing me, but i worry about the swollen kidney more than anything, my private urologist told me he does flomax for 2 weeks and then removes the stones, because we are virtually running on one kidney and can do permanent damage, but he'd get in my pocket for 5 grand if i used him and that's just the 20% Medicare doesn't I'm just toughing it out till i can get it fixed......he told me to go to the emergency room a scream bloody murder, I'm just not that way......I'm hoping the ct shows that at least the one in my ureter has passed, i hope.......good luck again......

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