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    Is there a way we can blowup these SOB's? They are so f'n annoying
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    Yeah, we are down one of our best spam fighters (KLD) so this morning was particularly bad. It took me the better part of an hour to clean it up. That being said...

    The first rule of spam fight club is you don't talk about spam fight club.

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    Now if Obama used drones to take out spammers, I know I wouldn't complain.
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    Thank You spam busters! You know who you are in your undercover ops.

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    Would it help if we added tags to the post of spam,spammers?
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    Quote Originally Posted by IsMaisin View Post
    Would it help if we added tags to the post of spam,spammers?
    No, please don't respond to spammers, it makes it harder for us to move the spam. If you see spam that is more than a day old, then hit the "report this post" button, otherwise we will get to it. If it is more than a day old then it is something we have missed.

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    Exclamation "Newbie" dumb spam question . . .

    So, whenever I get emails that "look" like they are a reply to threads to which I subscribe, only to show as jibberish or clearly NOT what the thread is about, is there something I should do - other than to NOT reply to them? I went to the thread and - thankfully - jibberish is NOT there. Does this mean it's already been reported and removed? I'm not sure why this keeps happening. Thanks!

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    Don't need to do anything. We are usually quick, it's already been removed

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