I'm a C-6 incomplete quad with fairly normal sensation except from my knees down where i have hyper-sensitivity. My feet are the worst and it's where my burning pain comes from, especially in my right foot.

For whatever reason, the pain levels vary from day to day. It's always there, but can range from tolerable to excruciating. Cold instantly makes my feet burn even worse.

I've been on 5mg tablets of Oxycodone for a few years now and how many i took at a time depended on the pain level. Well, because i was starting to build a tolerance to the medication and didn't want to go down the road of regular increases in the amount i took each month, i for the most part stopped taking them when the pain was only kind of annoying. Now, i only take them when the pain is pretty bad to excruciating, but i have to take at least 5-6 at a time.

My pain doctor wants me to get a pain pump instead, but i'm leery. I have a fear of it always being in my bloodstream, potentially leading to addiction. With the pill form, one day i might take say 15 and the next day take none. I like having that control and having days with it not being put into my bloodstream if the pain is minor to tolerable.

Any advice from others who were in a similar situation because i have to see my doctor in about two weeks and my gut feeling right now at least is to pass on the pain pump?