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Thread: Prialt cost

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    Prialt cost

    my copay is $2,500. un fucking believable. every7 weeks as i get my pump filled. lbottle of valium and a really good bottle of scotch less than $100 and guaranteed permanent relief.

    One way for a health insurance compny to manage expensive patients

    Rep could not believe it checking but she said they usually refuse it was surprised i got auth for it. I said 2500 per at 9-10x a year is like saying no.

    Shes checking. Fuck my life. pain cycld 9-10 with a lot of breakthrogh spaz not doing well

    All that i am is all gone

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    That's one of the things about Prialt....crazy high expensive price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Berg View Post
    That's one of the things about Prialt....crazy high expensive price.
    Give us your opinion on whether it works David. One of my briefly attended pain management docs gave me his guarantee it would get rid of my CP. He was a pompous dick who i learned (from him!) was instrumental in my previous pain doc getting suspended and tried in federal ct for being a pain pill mill (she was found not guilty but still ruined at age 58), so I went one of the Miami Project pain docs). He said it was snail toxin and he would not recommend it, for whatever that is worth.
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