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Thread: Venting: I feel like I will be disappointing my parents if I don't walk again. Anyone feel the same?

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    Originally posted by Azzurra88:

    way overdue, thats what i don't get, stem cells (would ) help soo many different people possibly AIDS, Cancer, diabetes, visual impairments, etc, why haven't govts worldwide done something about it sooner
    Exactly my thoughts all along...glad to see someone else posting that. As the matter of fact research has been done and still is being done and applied in different ways for some of these other diseases, right? Hmmm.
    When trying to educate and seek support for a cure, I include everyone who deals with disability or disease that would benefit from clinical trials and research along with those who deal with diabetes, heart disease, etc.

    And SHAME on those who reply with such negativity and uncontrolled tempers in a post that this young man writes of!!! Although my son is 21 and can take on the battle of just fine if he had or wanted to, it is the responses as such, that even though he would learn so much through this site, as a parent I wouldn't want you who do so around him even through the internet!!! GRRR.

    Dann, as a parent myself I too will do all I can possible to try and find a way to help my son~ this would be the same if he were sick with cancer, diabetes, etc. Your parents care is a testament of their love for you and your worry/concern is a testament of your love for them. It is good that you voice your thoughts with this here if not with them, although they have probably already picked up on that. But you see, there is still hope within your heart as you continue with your therapies and in this it gives them peace that you have not gave up...that would be the biggest hurt for me.

    Finding a way to balance both therapies for better health/cure and getting back into and onward with life is the objective I have tried to instill within my son. Doing as you do and your parents being there IS for something~ you Dann and your future!

    You seem to be a most wonderful young man and a son I am sure your parents are so very proud of! How could they not be? Wow!

    As Wise stated there are possibilities and gains to be made no matter the obstacles, even recoveries that prove the impossible is possible.

    It is NOT good to keep such feelings/concerns inside~ it is much better to talk about these things openly with those you love and who love you so that there is understanding and their possible wondering/worry where you are at with life and the thoughts of anything Dann. Just as with guilt they may have in a situation that is not neither your or their fault...just talk about it with them and I bet you will find they understand/feel your fears but have such hope no matter the time it may take to get there, the sacrifices they may make on your behalf~
    as said earlier, giving up and letting go of hope would be the biggest hurt for me as a parent and I am not about to portray that to my son nor any other person who deals with such pain/loss, ever!

    *this is not a personal attack either btw for those who may take it that way...I hope I am being respectful to the requests as such with my above statements/opinion of*

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    Oh and Dann, if my son were to never walk again I would be disappointed for him, not in him as that isn't who he is~
    I am betting your parents would say the same.

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    I don't think your parents could ever feel you've let them down. You remain dedicated and passionate to the quest for a cure. You have overcome so much. I know it's taken a lot of courage for you to go back to college...but you're there! Whatever happens, your parents will always be proud of you because you have amazed them with your strength and determination...and because you're their son and they love you. Don't lose faith (((Hugs)))

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    Originally posted by Obed:

    Dann - apologies for the temporary hijack. Sorry folks I'm taking the low road.

    brayton - LMAO. Do you realize what a joke you and your posts are becoming? Your desperation is palpable and you're virtually becoming a caricature of yourself. You spew the same commentary time and again like a broken record being played by a rubber snake and yet you still keep coming back (this is the pathetic part). And why? A: because you're hopeful. You're praying for the one thread that's going to be "your miracle" thread. So you keep coming back again and again and again looking for an answer and at the same time dismissing anything or anyone tangible to the cure and recovery process. Do you realize how sad that is? That you don't have the balls to allow a public acceptance of anything that doesn't speak to you personally. That your immaturity, ego and bully tactics constantly get the better of you? C'mon dude, nobody is that angry.

    The cure is a process - its going to happen. It's not, however, a magic trick.

    So, before I piss myself from laughing so hard at the Scott Farcass of CC (those who know the movie A Christmas Story will understand my analogy) do us all a favor and either grow up, lose the attitude, stop denying yourself hope and be part of the solution or get out and take your pathetic, desperate, wuss personality and posse of one with you.

    As Jim Rome would say - "I'm out"
    thats the best post i have read in a long time. HAHAHA

    ~If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you~

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    Dan21, I perfectly understand how you feel.

    I too have much guilt concerning my injury, my perception of my family and my dad's expectation of my walking once more, etc.

    Seems guilt is natural for those of us with sci.

    What I did was sit down and talked to my dad and family, and told them the facts on cure research as I see them, and let them decide for themselves if I'll be cured or not.

    It takes the pressure off

    Keep on enjoying life, keep on fighting for a cure...tomorrow is gone before we know it, so we have to enjoy the present.

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    Keep going with all your hard work Dan. To have hope and believe in a cure isn't false or pointless!
    I think things have progressed heaps from 5yrs ago, out of the lab into actual human trials. I get my hope from reading posts from patients of the China, Portugal etc procedures who are experiencing results firsthand.
    Ignore/avoid negative thoughts and people. Find something in each day, which gives you hope and not necessarily articles/postings, but from your own (and others) dreams, wishes and ambitions.
    It is going to happen, and each day passing is another day closer to our ultimate goal.
    Take care


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    Thank you Tesime it's really good to hear that.

    I find it hard to talk to my parents not because I'm afraid to talk them, but I don't want to get them upset or depressed them, or even disappoint them. I know for a fact that if I did tell them what was going on in the medical research right now it would really get them upset. That's why I don't do it.

    However, for some reason I find it easier to share my thoughts and feelings with people I don't really know, that is on this web site. I find it hard to do face-to-face.

    Thanks to people like you and everyone else on this web site. It really is a great place

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    I don't know you or your parents but I assure you that you have gone & are going thru feelings & emotions that most of mankind has never had to deal with. Somehow the feeling of being ok with your surroundings is not an easy road to be on, just know there are others in front & even more behind on that road.

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