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Thread: If you ever wanted to visit a foregin country. Which one would it be, and why?

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    way up north, Australia
    For me its Canada, Prince Edward Island to be more precise. I'm still a Anne Of Green Gables fan even at the age of 41.

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    Take a boat across the pacific to Japan. The Shinkansen south. The ferry to Korea. Bus to China. The Orient express to Moscow.
    Finish my trip by Jeep to Ushuaia.

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    For me...hands down...Germany. My grandmother came over to the US from Germany when she was 9 so I want to see where she is from. I am a big believer in learning about your heritage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Annabanana View Post
    For me its Canada, Prince Edward Island to be more precise. I'm still a Anne Of Green Gables fan even at the age of 41.
    Eat their famous oysters while you are there! I think 90% of the people on the cruise we went there on went to Green Gables and we went to eat oysters.
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