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Thread: Yes, I really did get a Ti TR3 for free

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    Great chair.
    First time I see a tapered seat on a TR3, does it have an impact on where you must clamp the brakes and did you have to get a modified cushion?

    I can't wait to receive mine, still 2 weeks to wait hopefully.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chaiale View Post
    It took a lot of time, partially because I was slow with communication and partially because of TR 3 back order, but it turns out that cynicism has been defeated and I am now the proud owner of a fully tricked-out TR3 because of the kindness of a total stranger.

    I messed around with the specs since my last thread a while ago. Then I got the chair and I messed around with it some more. Today was the first day that I finally have everything arranged just the way I like it.

    First impressions: DANG this thing is light! Lifting it in and out of my car is a breeze. As stephen212 recommended, the composite scissor locks are far and away the best non-hub-lock system I've ever seen. The increase in sensitivity is one if the things I like best because she's such a totally rigid chair: fixed frame, fixed back, solid seat pan, solid back. As a result, any movement in my body, any misalignment of the few adjustable parts or lack of air in the tires and I can feel it immediately in the chair's response. It's almost like I can feel through the chair.

    The new Twin Star wheels don't roll any better than my Spox, and any weight difference is more likely Natural Fit 1.0 vs 2.0, but they look well snazzy. From a distance, you can't see them at all, only the rim, tire, and hub. More unusual-looking than the Spinergy LX for about the same price, but I can't tell a substantial advantage over Spox or Sun fusions. I am now told that they work very well with hub locks, and probably look nice with them too, but unless you too find a magical chair fairy, they aren't worth the extra over normal premium Spinergy or Sun wheels.

    It also brought home for me the importance of having the appropriate-width chair. I went with 14" and 2" taper, which allows me to adjust and keep my hips from complaining, but doesn't slop me around in my chair like in my 15" Spazz-G. I didn't need to be any narrower, as I make it just at the magic 24" mark, but it is much more of a comfort thing and feels good for my shoulders to have the wheels tucked in a little closer to my body.

    Note about the taper+solid seat pan combo: TiLite does not taper carbon fiber BUT they will do an aluminum solid pan as a substitute. I may consider going to a machinist and getting some conservative holes drilled for air exchange when summer comes. In the mean time, everyone here has heard the pitch about the solid seat pan, and it truly is wonderful just like they say. I like it best because I'm a swimmer and this means I don't get the sling or a cushion wet; just take the seat and back cushions off, put a towel over the Velcro, and go! It appears that there is a support for the pan going to the underseat crossbar for more stability, which would preclude a large underseat shelf. I don't know whether that's common in carbon fiber pans, though.

    Unexpected: In some ways my new chair is a much smoother ride, like having FL soft rolls. Dropping from curbs, though, is a much more jolting experience than it used to be: before, the moving parts of my adjustable Spazz-G absorbed some of the force of impact, but the same rigidity that makes this chair so wonderfully sensitive means that, even if titanium absorbs more vibration than aluminum, the adjustable vs rigid variable seems to be the greater predictor of shock absorption. A reminder that there are little upsides to adjustable chairs as well.

    Fit: Even with so little adjustability, it took a while for me to break in. Footrest was an easy fix as always. I also picked a conservative COG on the order form (3.5") knowing that it's better to start stable and go tippier, but that does interfere with some of the nice profile (a cutout for the brake clamps) on the sideguards. I was not prepared for the alignment problems of a clamp based, rather than frame hole, axle mount, and it was a little aggravating to dial in. Changing camber tubes was an even bigger hassle, even though it looked like an easy swap. The extra 2 degrees are totally worth it, since narrow chairs have so little lateral stability.

    The only fit aspect outstanding is the seat back stealing depth. TiLite has no 14" demos because it's an uncommon size, and I really wanted to try with the Jetstream to see if 16+1" was enough going from a 16" with Jay Xtreme back. The demo was 15", then, and the DME let me use it on my chair because they're technically adjustable from -1" to +.5". Not worth it; 16+1 worked great with the 15" demo, but the next size up steals depth. Even coming from a solid back, I would need 17+1" to really tuck into my seat. Hopefully switching to a 14" back will solve the problem.

    Having used a chair for <1 year, the fact that I 1) have a chair of this quality and 2) fit is incredible. For someone with Ehlers-Danlos, I haven't ever heard of anyone getting funding from insurance or anywhere else for a chair like this. I am so lucky both for the generosity of my patron, who was there when I picked up my chair and introduced me to his family and everything, and also for the resources of CC, which allowed someone with very little chair experience to spec a rigid chair properly on her first try.

    Shockingly enough, I have to thank my DME for all of this. They not only arranged everything and went along with my tyrannical specificity, but they even picked up part of the tab when insurance turned out not to want to cover even part of it. Anyone else ever hear of a DME doing that? Didn't think so. They were also, not only unfailingly polite, but genuinely kind to me, even inviting me to their company Christmas party!

    And yes, pics are attached
    Are you using G10 solid seat pan? Can you take picture of it? Thanks
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    Congratulations on the lottery chair Chaiale. It looks great!

    It's wonderful to know that there are "patrons" out there willing to help.

    I did not catch the story about how you and your patron got together on this and am curious to hear...
    Partner of an incredible stroke survivor. Limitations: hemiparesis and neglect (functional paralysis and complete lack of awareness on one side). Equipment: TiLite ZRA 2 and 2GX, Spinergy ZX-1, RioMobility Firefly. Knowledge: relative newbie for high-level equipment (2012), but willing to try to help others who are new with similar limitations (definitely not a guru, but inquisitive).

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaleB View Post
    Congrats! Nice chair, for sure!

    I noticed in the side view pic that the Jetstream clamp is mounted in reverse, which might be why so much depth is being eaten up. (The parts that clamp the tube are mounted backwards, pushing the shell very far forward.)
    Yup, but the depth-brackets make the whole system too wide to mount forward, which is the big disadvantage of using a shell one size too large.

    Ultimately, I resolved the problem by removing the adjustability brackets and bolting the clamps directly to the shell. It turns out that I speccd the back just right, so using a non-adjustable back isn't a problem, and the additional depth is EXACTLY as much as I wanted.

    Sowseng, I'm not using a G10 pan because Tilite won't do that with a tapered package. Instead, they machined an aluminum seat pan. It's probably a bit heavier, but it does the job perfectly well. Had I not been getting this chair, I would have gotten some sheet metal and done one myself; it seems like a much better value proposition than the G10.

    Elarson: Back in August, I had to drive 50 miles out of my way because none of the shops nearby had 25-540 tubes. While I was being helped, a guy walked in asking for a pressure-relief cushion; he has polio-related nerve damage and had just healed a wound on his buttock. Since August in LA was hot as !@#$ and we were in a particularly hot part of LA, I mentioned a Supracor cushion. He ended up buying it and we got to talking about cushions, then chairs, then what I do with my life. I talked about being a dancer and how insurance wouldn't cover a chair light enough to prevent damage to my delicate Ehlers-Danlos shoulders. He was so grateful and impressed with me that he asked, "What's the best chair on the market? Would you be willing to let me buy it for you?" After about 5 minutes of speechlessness, I was like "hell yeah, why not?!" I've been working on the chair ever since, I got it about a month ago, and I just finished dialing it in yesterday. Hopefully, tomorrow I can pick up my Supracor Smart cushion from the DME and stop shoving a crappy 15x16 Jay Basic into a 14x16 tapered seat!

    I love the TiLite TR 3 more and more every day. Like, I would write sonnets to this thing.The difference between it and a Spazz G is like the difference between a hospital chair and a lightweight. My shoulders don't hurt when I push anymore, I can stay in it for longer periods of time without pain, and it's just a FUN ride, y'know? I roll fast, but it's no effort and pavement slope even sucks less! I am so, so lucky and I couldn't be happier.

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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by chaiale View Post
    Yup, but the depth-brackets make the whole system too wide to mount forward, which is the big disadvantage of using a shell one size too large.

    Ultimately, I resolved the problem by removing the adjustability brackets and bolting the clamps directly to the shell. It turns out that I speccd the back just right, so using a non-adjustable back isn't a problem, and the additional depth is EXACTLY as much as I wanted.
    That's terrific, that the fit is right on! Also very good info to note Jetstreams of different widths apparently have different adjustability restraints/interferences. My 17" Jetstream low profile can adjust to 16" with just enough clearance for the clamps to remain forward.

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    That chair is sweet! I really like the purple! So glad there are kind people out there....

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    Quote Originally Posted by chaiale View Post

    Ultimately, I resolved the problem by removing the adjustability brackets and bolting the clamps directly to the shell. It turns out that I speccd the back just right, so using a non-adjustable back isn't a problem, and the additional depth is EXACTLY as much as I wanted.
    Congrats. Just received my chair yesterday (specs almost identical to yours). I will post soon.

    May I ask how you clamped the back directly as I would like to do the same? Pics would be great but not needed.

    If anyone else knows how to do this please speak up.

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    Nice chair!

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    Nice chair. Can you take a pic of those composite scissor locks? Do they tuck under the seat pan so no damage occurs should you drop the frame on its side with the wheel removed?

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    I am wanting to get one too. I've only had my current chair a year so I guess I'll have to pay out of pocket but it's worth it. I have an Invacare T7A right now and it's the biggest piece of junk. It looks like it's 10 years old already and it's a year old. and I don't do anything crazy with my chair to make it beat up.

    Is there any chance of insurance paying for part of this chair since they paid for the Invacare? I have Blue Cross Blue Shield.

    There is a spinal injury trust fund in my state that I can submit this to and get it paid for but it takes several months to even get approval then you have to order the chair. And they won't reimburse if you go ahead and pay for it.

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