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Thread: What put a smile on your face recently

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    A beautiful Kettle One martini, a Lot dirty, 3 olives. Oh yea! I was smiling!

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    First hummingbird sighting of the year, whee! I've had the feeder out for two weeks, probably a little over-optimistic given the crap weather. Anyway, they're here now. Always brightens my day to provide those little guys with their sugar highs.

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    We bought a dwarf kumquat tree, after eating all the ripe ones off the other trees at Home Depot!

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    Ricky Rubio to Alexey Shved....

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    disabled but very active guys on tv show

    Last night I watched Freakshow, it showed two guys, one born without legs and the other without arms. Yet the guy without arms was able to care for himself, feed himself and still have a very full life.....and his brother (i think)was able to get around and also do much for himself.

    They inspire, encourage me, that even tho I can't walk, there is still much I can do.
    A teacher friend of mine told her disabled students, "don't let what you can't do interfere with what you can do."

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    Obama winning in November, I've been smiling ever since. You know what I like even MORE than Obama winning? Watching how Republicans react to Obama winning It warms my heart to know they know they lost...

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    Quote Originally Posted by anban View Post
    We bought a dwarf kumquat tree, after eating all the ripe ones off the other trees at Home Depot!
    Anban Isn't there something in the bible about not eating the low hanging fruit LOL. Will the lady in the wheel chair and her unruly bunch please report to the front office.
    T12L1 Incomplete Still here This is the place to be 58 years old

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