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Thread: Any ideas for an earpiece for iPhone?

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    Any ideas for an earpiece for iPhone?

    I'm thinking about getting an iPhone. Because it's hard to get my hand up to my ear, I was hoping there's some kind of earpiece that could be run wireless so I could keep the phone at lap level. I'm also looking for something with good fidelity (I love the fidelity of my land line). Any ideas?

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    You already have a fair solution in the earbuds that come with them. There is an inline mic 5" below the right ear piece. If you can reach it, the button on the mic also allows you to answer or voice dial out. If you prefer to use the phone in your lap, the headphone cord is 4' long.

    I leave my phone in my pocket and run the cord under my shirt. The downside is that you constantly look a tad stupid with an earpiece in, but it isn't at all uncomfortable.
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    I finally got my iPhone and now have had a chance to play with the headphones it came with. They are cool. How do you answer calls or voice dial out with them?

    I'd still prefer something wireless. Any ideas?

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    There's a lot of wireless headsets or earphones that can be used with the Iphone.
    -headset: If you can find an Apple wireless headset (it is no longer produced, but you can sometime find one on eBay , new old stock or used items in good shape), it is very nice and discreet. Very easy to pair too. But for a quad, the push button (call/uncall) is not very easy to find. Anyway, you can buy any brand you want, just try… Jabra or Plantronics suits the iPhone pretty nicely.
    -headphone: same here, easy to find a good model (I have a Philips SHB 9001) with the sound YOU want. Music shuts down automatically when you have a call, and to pick it up just hit the big button on the left, enjoy !
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