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Thread: Dr.Kleinbloesem

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    I'm confused. I sent my MRI to Dr. Huang 2 years ago, he replied and said that my cord was too atrophied for his procedure.
    I received e-mail from Dr. Kleinbloesem today and he said that my cord was not atrophied.
    Weird, no?

    Here's the e-mail I received today from Dr. Kleinbloesem:

    Hi Steve

    Yes we did 9 years post accident, I think that the type of laesion is much more important than the duration of the laesion as long as there is no atrophy of the cord. In your case, we really believe that we can help you.

    I can help you on the the 19th of august. Pls fly in on 14th to Istanbul , we pick you up and we collect the sample on 15, the surgery is planned for friday 19 you can go home on 22. One accompanying person can stay with you in your room.

    Kindest regards

    Dr. Cornelis H. Kleinbloesem
    CEO Cells4health BV

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    Quote Originally Posted by ip
    Hey Schmeky -

    How do you send him your MRI's. In electronic form, or on film???
    I put mine on the internet (
    It was good enougth for Dr Huang, China
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    Thanks guys.

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    Great news. I live in NL, which is not so far from Turkey. So, if I can do anything to help when you are there, or before, please let me know ! If useful at any point of time, I'd even like to go there and meet a few patients. So who knows, we might even meet ? Take care. Corinne

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    Smile Leaving On 8/20

    We Will Be Leaving For Turkey On August 20th. I Am Very Excited!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wis
    We Will Be Leaving For Turkey On August 20th. I Am Very Excited!!
    Good Luck to you, cementhead and richwelsh63!!

    I look forward to finding out how things go for you. As you know my son Jason's bone-marrow stem cells are already being stored by Cells4health, because we had them harvested when we were in Europe in May. Hopefully we can begin to plan our trip to Turkey within the next 6 months.
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    For those of you planning to have this procedure:
    i will be going to Turkey on Sept. 19th. My Dr. will also be with me so we will be able see a procedure, meet with patients and see the video's, MRI's pre post. Just don't want anyone to go into this blind!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schmeky

    Ditto what richwelsh said. Mine is on a CD, I burned a copy after not being able to send via e-mail. It goes out Fed-X tomorrow.
    how do you get your mri's on cd, or on the computer at all?? i have never been offered that option.

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    The hospital I had my MRI's performed at was set up for CD's. They asked me if I wanted a copy.

    If you've had a fairly recent MRI, call where you had it done and request a copy on CD. You have a right to a copy; you and/or your insurance paid for it.

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    Hi Corrine,

    Did you have your interview with Dr K this past week? I know you will keep us posted and thank you for your time and efforts!

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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