Dr.K just contacted me today and we had a nice chat. He said they have treated 6 spinal cord injuries from C4-T6. He said 5 are walking on there own and no braces or walkers.

The following is a copy of a email he sent me today:

Thank you Emmy for the nice chat we just had.

I really hope we can help you with our stem cell treatment.

You can sent your MRI scan to:


To: Dr. C.H. Kleinbloesem

Burg. de Wijslaan 10


The Netherlands

After review we will inform you about our possibilities. The costs of the treatment amounts to 15.000 EUR, all included except travel costs.

Kind regards,

Dr. Cornelis Kleinbloesem

The first suprising year

The past year was one with surprises, but on the other hand it was no surprise at all. I knew from the beginning that stem cells would be the "healers" of the future. But the moment I saw a patient suffering from a spinal cord injury making his first steps after a stem cell transplantation, I was still a little surprised and totally impressed.

Please read our first newsletter with the latest information about stem cells, the new therapies, our cooperation in the Netherlands with Prescan and the Thorax Centre Twente and in Turkey with our exclusive agent. Further you can read an interview with Mr. Bouma, a Dutch patient, suffering a stroke and treated with his own stem cells in our partner hospital in Turkey. Probably, you will be as surprised as I am.

I wish you all good health,

Dr. Cornelis Kleinbloesem, CEO Cells4health.

Cells4health in Turkey

Cells4Health BV Holding is pleased to announce that Dr. ÖZGÜN has been appointed as Regional Vice-Chairman and Mr. UNLUSOY as Business Development Manager of Cells4Health BV Holding. Their primary geographic area will include Turkey, Turkish Republics and The Middle East. Let us wish Dr. ÖZGÜN and Mr. UNLUSOY all success.

Broken heart

Cells4health collaborates with dr. M. Mariani, Thorax Centre Twente (Netherlands), for research with stem cells in cardiac patients. These patients, undergoing bypass surgery for treatment of myocardial infarction, will get stem cells injected.

Autologous stem cell therapy is expected to be a corner stone in the treatment of myocardial infarction (Health-Cardiac MI). This therapy might reduce the complications of this disease, namely the development of heart failure. Health-Cardiac MI is unique in the sense that the patient's own cells are collected and injected into the patient. In this way rejection symptoms will be avoided.

Cells4health Netherlands cooperates with Prescan

Prescan Holland is the coordination centre for preventive medical examination. They mediate the realisation of an agreement with one of the clinics, which are performing the complete examination. In order to act accurately, those clinics are using, as the one and only in the Netherlands, MRI and CT scan equipment. More information can be found on www.prescan.nl.
First patient in the world was treated with his own stem cells after having a stroke.

Martin Bouma was one of the first patients who was treated with his own stem cells after having a stroke, in January 2001. Martin was treated the first week of March in Turkey.

In the meanwhile Mr. Bouma is an expert in stem cells and stem cell treatments. After having a stroke on his school, National Institute for Economical and Technical Studies in 2001 he searched for ever possible treatment for his disease. `We have always been active persons. I miss that kind of life enormously.´

After his stroke Mr. Bouma stayed at the Diakonessenhuis in Utrecht, the Netherlands. After three weeks he was getting a little bit better. But the consequences of the stroke were noticeable: partly paralysed and losing balance. In the first weeks it was very hard to speak, swallow and walk.

After admission at the Diakonessenhuis he went to rehabilitation centre De Hoogstraat in Utrecht. Mr. Bouma learned to do his daily activities in an adapted way. He learned to speak, to eat, to take care of himself and to walk a little bit. Unfortunately, the paralysis stayed.

During the admission in the rehabilitation centre he met a young boy, casualty of a traffic accident, who was paralysed, like himself. After a few weeks, this little boy was able to walk again. Mr. Bouma asked the dad of this young boy, how this could ever happened. He told him the words of the rehabilitation doctor ´that damaged brain cells will be taken over by the other brain cells´. Mr. Bouma his attention was there, and he went searching for a suitable treatment. Finally, he found out that he could get new cells by using his own stem cells.

After this news Mr. Bouma couldn't sit quietly, he used ever chance he had to learn more about stem cells. He had contact with several well known academical hospitals and spoke to several professors and doctors. He had contact with professor dr. Mummery, professor M.J. Staal. Unfortunately, they reported that they were still doing research for the possibilities of treatments with stem cells.

Mr. Bouma had contact with a doctor from Rotterdam (dr. Trossèl) after he talked about stem cell treatments on television. After a while he had contact with Prescan, which provides preventive scans. Since a few months Prescan is cooperating with Cells4health BV. One of the employees at Prescan mentioned Dr. Kleinbloesem, who is involved in stem cell therapy.

After a call with Dr. Kleinbloesem it went all very quickly. Mr. Bouma had an appointment to collect his stem cells for the treatment. An almost painless collection took place in a German hospital. In the meanwhile Dr. Kleinbloesem made the arrangements for the treatment with professor Deda, a Turkish professor and specialist in neuro surgery. Together with his wife, Dr. Kleinbloesem and another patient, Mr. Bouma went to Turkey for five days.

Once in Turkey Mr. Bouma was brought to the hospital on Monday. On Tuesday they directly started with some examinations and the same evening Mr. Bouma was treated with his own stem cells. After almost a month the results were amazing.

Directly after the treatment Mr. Bouma felt some changes. When his wife touched his arm, he felt that her hands were cold. It was years ago he had that kind of feelings. Also his taste changed, his taste papillae got their function back and his tongue felt 'real' and not 'split'.

The next function he got back was his coordination. And because of this coordination he felt more secure and walking is getting better. Listing to music nowadays he can hear the high tunes. His hearing and his range of vision is a lot better.

That the spasms disappeared can be seen that Mr. Bouma can open his hand, which was impossible for years. He is able to lie down at his left side and his left arm and leg feel like a part of his body. The heavy, pressing feeling in the paralysed part of his body disappeared as well.

That his own stem cells made this all happen is obvious. Stem cells turned out to be the ultimate possibility for Mr. Bouma to get a lot of functions back he lost after his stroke.

You want more background information? See also: www.cells4health.com - info@cells4health.com

Does anyone know anything about this Doctor and what he is doing? He said he would be willing to chat on our forum!!!