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    magic bullets

    These magic bullets make me sweat like crazy,Anyone else experience this?

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    You might find Enemeez with benzocaine easier to tolerate.

    "EnemeezĀ® Plus is the same formula as EnemeezĀ® with the addition of 20 mg. of benzocaine. This formula was developed for patients who experience pain or Autonomic Dysreflexia..."

    If you want to continue to use Magic Bullets, your medical professional can prescribe lidocaine to be used in the anal canal and rectal vault before you use the Magic Bullet.

    You can get free sample of the Enemeez formulations from the website above.

    All the best,

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    Quote Originally Posted by jque View Post
    These magic bullets make me sweat like crazy,Anyone else experience this?
    Yes, suppositories and Enemeez make me sweat, and Lidocaine doesn't help. My only solution was to give them up. It was the best decision I've made so far. No more sweating. I wish I did it 25 years ago. I won't post my routine again, you can find it elsewhere (or send me an email/pm).

    You could still try Enemeez; it seems to work for many here.

    How long have you used suppositories? How long does the sweating last, just during the bowel program, or throughout the day? I tolerated it until it started interfering with my day; that's when I gave them up.

    Are you able to feel pain? For me, the sweating and tension were an indication of pain, even though I couldn't feel it.

    It helped me a lot (with comfort level) to wear a t-shirt around my neck, to soak up the sweat.

    I hope you figure this out and get some relief.

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    Enemeez was the greatest discovery i've made thus far. Hopefully I will never have to go back to magic bullet.

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    OK Thx guys for the info. imma try out the enemeez to see if that helps.

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