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Thread: Back to school for Therapeutic Recreation

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    Back to school for Therapeutic Recreation

    Decided to make the move on going back to school in the fall. I want to go back for TR. I want to go to a rehab center and work with kids who have SCI, being in a wheelchair as well I think I'd be good at giving advice and showing them a good time. I had really great rec. therapists at the Shepherd Center which inspired me to do this. I plan on doing most note-taking / planning on my Ipad and getting dragon dictate for my laptop to write papers on while back at school. Do you guys have any tips on going back to school in a chair? Any Rec. therapists around to give me an idea on what classes will be like?

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    Good luck!

    Just keep in mind that there are limited jobs in this field. Be sure that you get a good clinical rotation assignment...we have hired our students before when they completed their rotation. Internships are a great way to get yourself into a system and job consideration, so select these carefully too, and be sure to apply for them where you would actually want to work. You will need to be geographically flexible in both your clinical rotations and internships. The VA has quite a few of both, so look into that area when the time comes.

    Because TR is not reimbursable (ie, billable) therapy for insurance purposes, many smaller rehab centers have eliminated these positions, esp. for those with CTRS certifications and a degree, and many, if they have any TR positions at all, hire someone without a degree in the area because they can get them cheaper.

    Don't give up this dream though...just go into it with your eyes wide open.


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