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Thread: Need Advice help on applying for SSD

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    Question Need Advice help on applying for SSD

    I'm a complete c5/c6 quad who was on SSDI post injury in 1981. Went back to school and got my Bachelor degree in business information systems (computer programming etc). Have worked for last 23 years but now due to health issues I am no longer able to work. Can anyone offer advice on my applying for social security disability? Should I apply myself, try a disability attorney, or can anyone offer advice on how I should move forward on the best way to pursue SSDI again.
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    at c5/6, just apply for yourself, i wouldn't pay the fees or part of my back pay for the same thing, they won't deny you at that level of injury or i don't see how..........

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    The only criteria for SSDI eligibility for a person w sci who needs a wheelchair for mobility is that the person be unemployed. As long as you are not working when you apply you should be eligible as long as your pcp completes paperwork supplied by SS. It makes no difference that you have a rich work history and education. Have fun in your retirement, you earned it.

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    I applied online. They called me and did a phone interview. I think they faxed me some paper work to sign to get access to the medical files from various Dr's. 5 months later I got an approval letter. Didn't have to do anything else except wait.
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    I'm pretty sure you won't need an attorney. You should be approved within a month. I applied, but brought the wrong birth certificate so I had to order one from state and that took a few weeks. Even with this delay, I was approved about 3 weeks after applying. You should be fine, so apply.
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