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Thread: 20 Year Celebration

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    20 Year Celebration

    The 20 yr. anniversary of my accident is this summer, July 24th, my dad's birthday. Anyway, I mentioned casually to my younger sister that I would like to have a celebration of life. I am happy and healthy. Unbeknownst to me she took it and ran with it. She began to plan a surprise party. I believe she is calling it the "I Survived" party. I was in Atlanta last week visiting a close friend, and she told me about the party. She couldn't understand how I would want to celebrate breaking my back. That is not what it is about! Her husband understood the meaning. She asked me not to say anything to my sister. Well, I totally blocked her telling me that out. I think I was a little pissed she told me. Needless to say, my sister is very pissed, but I told her to try and not tell me all of the details (like who is attending). I can now assist in a few of the plans ie. music, food, and beverages.

    Has anyone else planned a celebration like this? Did anyone think it was bizarre?
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    I think it's wonderful- a celebration of life. And any reason to throw a party is a good reason. I hope you have a huge fun tipsy and too much barbeque time.

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    I had quite the party for my tenth. Long time ago, but my parents were the only ppl that I remember who didn't grasp the celebration concept after explaining it to them.

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    My 23rd anniversary is a day before yours. Oddly enough, my accident happened on my grandfather's birthday. As for any celebration, I don't see any use for it. Perhaps if I had more going on in my life or was able to take care of myself I might reconsider, but as things are, it just represents another year of my stupid decision not to wear a seatbelt and to drive too fast. Anyhow, I'm just glad that there are others who can celebrate their "new life" the way you are doing.

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    I am having my 60th in 2014. Any surprises might cause me to have "the really big one" then. lol
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    I hope and I don't know when I'll die ... if I do, I wanna go out like this cat and have the party before:

    Good on you for surviving two decades. That number I found hard. Twenty-five worse.

    Facing 28 and it's all good now.
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    I don't think it is weird at all. I guess it depends on how you view life and how close you came to dying I guess.
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    Reading this post made me realize that my 20th is this Thursday! I used to keep track of my anniversaries, but now it is just another day.
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    I think I'll have a party on my 40th if I'm still alive.
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    To me. If I was going to celebrate life I would do it on my birthday. Not the day my good life was ruined. Just my opinion.

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