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Thread: 2nd Stem Cell Operation Planned for Patient Hwang (Korea)

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    2nd Stem Cell Operation Planned for Patient Hwang (Korea)

    The Korea Times : 2nd Stem Cell Operation Planned for Patient Hwang (2005/04/18)

    2nd Stem Cell Operation Planned for Patient Hwang

    By Kim Tae-gyu
    Staff Reporter

    A second round of stem cell therapy will be conducted on a woman who walked again last year after being paralyzed for 19 years via a first-round operation.

    According to Hanyang University medical team led by professor Kim Jae-min, spinal cord patient Hwang Mi-soon was hospitalized on Monday for stem cell therapy late this week.

    ``After medical tests, we plan to carry out an operation on Hwang as early as this Thursday. The date may be delayed to next week if tests take longer than expected, though,'' Kim said.

    Kim's team will transplant stem cells harvested from a tiny amount of blood retrieved from the vein of an umbilical cord after the delivery of a baby, in Hwang's spine.

    Late last October, Hwang caught the world by surprise as she took a few steps for reporters in Seoul with the aid of a walker roughly a month after doctors injected cord blood stem cells in her spine.

    It was called a miracle because Hwang had been bedridden for the past 19 years since her lower limbs were paralyzed due to a back injury in 1985.

    Even though the development pace has slowed down, I feel my spine keeps improving. Now I can raise my feet myself to an extent that people can recognize it,'' Hwang said.

    The 38-year-old hopes she will be able to walk without the help of a walker after the second operation.

    Kim explained that Hwang's narrow spine tube hinders continual improvement because the differentiated neuron cells cannot move through the stuffed pathway.

    This time around, we will broaden the pathway of her spine and inject umbilical cord blood at the spot so that it can differentiate and go further down via the spine,'' Kim said.

    But he cautioned against any hasty celebration on Hwang's case as nobody can predict the result of the unprecedented operation.

    We believe this clinical test will be safe. But nobody can secure 100 percent safety in the long term and we should be cautious in making any predictions,'' Kim said.

    Matt on Thailand.
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    I will be walk again !!!Oh,Jesus.

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    Good news. Just hope the results are as positive as Hwang thinks.

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    Really good news,I thought that she also wore braces but if she can extend her feet/foot that is good.

    "everyday above ground is a good day"

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    Two down. How many hundreds before
    gaining notice?


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    Interesting information, again, on this patient. However, I wish they would elaborate on her diagnosis.

    Was she paralyzed because:

    1. SCI?
    2. MS?
    3. Stroke?
    4. TMS?
    5. ???

    And was she considered incomplete? Complete? pre or post operation?

    Is she C,T,L,or S level spinal cord injury/impairment?

    These facts are vitally important in recognizing this procedure as safe, effective, conclusive and repeatable.

    Overall positive momentum. Onward and upward.

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    ..<singing>...Im leaving on a jet plane,dont know if i'll be back again..

    ~~I went to heaven,but couldnt get in for what i had done.I said ''please take me'',they said your crazy,you had to much fun~~

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    Here is the reply I recieved from Richard Kim on December 12, 2004

    Histostem Inc. has isolated multi-potent stem cells from umbilical cord blood and used them for treatment of Hwang, Mi-Soon (a patient with paraplegia from spinal cord injury). So far, we have treated patients with paraplegia after spinal cord injury, liver cirrhosis, Buerger's disease, diabetes, Lou gehrig's disease and many other diseases and the results have been successful for all.

    Seoul cord blood bank has about 50,000 cord blood units for public pool available for patients. Once we find the one that matches your HLA type, we can help you.

    Could you please let us know your HLA (Human Leukocyte Antigen) alleles type and red blood type.

    We also preserve stem cells from cord blood as stem cells themselves, not as cord blood. When an infant is born, cord blood is cryo-preserved but to save time, in case of urgent transplantation, we isolate stem cells from the cord blood immediately after birth and preserve them in that state. But it has not been most favored because preserving as stem cells cost more than preserving as cord blood. Nevertheless it is a wise way in case transplantation is needed immediately.

    The patient's condition is follows(Hwang Mi-Soon):

    Compression fracture of 12th thoracic vertebrae and fracture dislocation of 11-12th thoracic vertebrae. Complete paraplegia.

    For professional information, there will be a paper published from Histostem soon. It will be published in well-known journals, so if you would like to know more about how we operated the patient Hwang, Mi-Soon and her medical conditions and how she progressed, please refer to those journals.

    If you need more information or have any questions, please contact;

    Richard H.K. Kim (director)


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    REALLY GREAT NEWS IWAY. Thanks for posting!

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    It will probably take 4 or 5 months to see how successful this procedure is.
    I'm curious why dont they try this procedure on people with brain injuries. (Strokes)
    I know you have to get the stem cells from a family member who has a child.

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    Lway - thank you very much!

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