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Thread: A clueless usher at the arena tonight

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    I was just relating that in MY experience it tends to be there geriatric crowd and my disability experience has covered the time period from the 1970's to the current date. In the 70's and early 80's the age range was a bit wider. At least in Canada I credit Terry Fox & Rick Hansen for changing some of the perceptions of the disabled, it sank in with the younger generations and the middle aged. Again just relating my experience.

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    That was my thought exactly, that a wheeler wouldn't be allowed to come alone to an event. Give me a break!!!

    p.s. The usher was in his 60s if I were guessing, if it matters to the conversation and I agree with Brian.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zillazangel View Post
    That was my thought exactly, that a wheeler wouldn't be allowed to come alone to an event. Give me a break!!
    yeah, lol...well not too funny, but if i showed up at event (and i have gone to many) and been told i couldn't be there alone...well, i woulda lost it. i went to work alone, eye docs, med docs, etc. i hope you can educate them, zilla! let me know if i can help.

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    Regarding that wheelchair, it looks like an Everest & Jennings shower chair with goldplating and a 1920's gangster looking seat cushion installed! LOL
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