You have done an AMAZING job to get all of these things accomplished. Just fantastic.

What I would try to do now is switch back to the prior Home Care company that had the good case manager. Medicare gives you the flexibility to go wherever you want, if they will accept him. All you need is the order from the doctor. His PCP is sufficient. My only worry had been that his prior insurance may have covered more Home Care hours/duration.

Which brings on the next big step.... finding a physiatrist or rehab Neurologist who can start to advise you as the primary doc, and find the appropriate help and treatment plan you need.

Of course, if Santa Clara will now accept him on Medicare for a rehab "tune-up"... that is the best choice to do as soon as possible. They can start all the rest (actually doing some rehab, finding doctors, getting equipment, teaching you/your dad, finding home care, figuring out all resources your father is eligible for etc..). You will still need to be aggressive to ask for what you need, as even good rehab places are overworked/under staffed.

While you are doing these things, I would use the Lawyer initially for advice as to your rights and your father's rights. I agree that this is a very difficult situation and would love for you to avoid anymore family strife.

Again.... very well done. I can only imagine how hard this has been.