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Thread: Any Facebook addicts here?

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    Senior Member cbdives's Avatar
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    Cocoa Beach, FL
    Not exactly an addict...but there alot

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    I'm on facebook, don't really know why, at my age the only friendly people are the ones I am paying for something

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    I'm not really an addict but I do check in everyday and check on birthdays and see what's new. I go there more than I come here.

    I have a spinal cord injury...a spinal cord injury DOES NOT have me!

    walking quad-Central Cord Syndrome

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    I could quit anytime I want........really I could....

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    I used to be on there a lot. But, having responsibilities like taking care of the house, and my hubby is keeping me pretty busy. I do try to stop in every now and then to check in with my family, and friends who live far away.

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